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At what age does menopause occur?


Female climax occurs in 45-47 years, butFinally, the function of childbearing fades after 5-8 years after the first manifestations of menopause. The early menopause often proceeds more severely, but the late, on the contrary, gives the woman less inconvenience and problems.

At what age does menopause occur?



Climax? This is the extinction of childbearing function in a woman, menopause does not occur at the same time. There are three periods, each of which can last several years. In 45-47 years comes the first period? Preclimate. For this period is characterized by a change in the menstrual cycle? The ovaries cease to produce estrogen, but their own body stocks are still enough for a woman to menstruate, albeit irregularly. Normally, pre-climax should be asymptomatic: menstruation becomes less frequent, shorter and stops at all.


In fact, most of the women observedPathological menopause with hot flashes, a feeling of heat, increased sweating. This makes a woman nervous, sleep is disturbed, cardiovascular system disorders are possible. Appearance deteriorates, since estrogen, responsible for good skin, healthy hair and a feminine figure, has ceased to be produced. Aged for a few years? A characteristic observation for the pathological menopause. This period can last from 1 to 5 years.


Within a year from the date of the last menstruationBegins a menopause, which is also called menopause. Estrogen is completely absent in the body, it is he who participates in the formation of bone tissue. In just one year the woman loses almost a third of the bone mass, the bones become fragile, the chances of fractures are high.


Humidification of the vagina becomes insufficient,A woman is worried about dryness, burning, pain and discomfort during intercourse. Often, those who give birth may have the lowering of the internal genital organs. Incontinence of urine, osteochondrosis, diseases of the cardiovascular system? This is far from a complete list of pathologies and symptoms that disturb a woman during menopause.


A year after the last menstruation beginsPost-climax period. Unpleasant symptoms such as fever, hot flashes, nervousness, weight fluctuations, pass for several years, sexual desire fades.


Women who have given birth at least several times andFor a long time, they were breastfeeding, they have a larger stock of eggs due to several years of natural amenorrhea. The menopause occurs 3-5 years later and is much easier. The intake of oral contraceptives shifts the menopause for 5-6 years, making its symptoms almost invisible. The intake of oral contraceptives during the menopause helps to protect the body from negative consequences and for today is a common rule for women in the menopause.


Operations, smoking, reproductive diseasesSystems, endocrine and other pathologies - frequent causes of early menopause, it occurs already in 40-43 years. To find out how the menopause will develop and when will it occur? Look at my mother and grandmother. Often in daughters, menopause passes through a similar scenario and occurs in the same age period.


Late is considered the climax that occurred in 49-52 years, although there are cases when the climax came after 70 years? All this time, women retained the ability to conceive a child and regularly menstruated.

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