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What time can you make noise at the weekend


The right of citizens of the Russian Federation to silence and rest at night is protected by the current legislation. At what time can you carry out noisy work and activities so as not to become its violator?

What time can you make noise at the weekend
Despite the fact that the main regulatoryAn act regulating the procedure for protecting the rights of citizens from their violations is the Code of Administrative Offenses in the Russian Federation (the Code of Administrative Offenses), this document does not contain a clear regulation setting the hours set aside for sleeping and resting Russians.

Establishment of the right of citizens to silence at the regional level

The fact is that the right to establish a periodThe time allotted for sleep and rest is allocated to the subjects of the Russian Federation. This decision was made by the legislator on the basis that it is local authorities who have a better idea of ​​the factors that determine the optimal ratio of work and rest modes. For example, such factors can be the predominant nature of economic activity in the region, the time of sunrise and sunset, and others. Therefore, in most Russian regions of the Russian Federation, special regional regulations have been adopted, which specify at what hours it is possible to carry out noisy work and other actions, and when it is necessary to provide neighbors with peace and quiet.

Weekend and weekday rest

The independence of the Russian regions inDetermination of working and rest modes allows them not only to establish the optimal ratio of these modes, but also to differentiate them depending on the day of the week. However, this right is not used by all subjects of the Federation.

So, for example, in Moscow the time of silence is regulatedLaw No. 45 of November 21, 2007, called "Moscow City Code of Administrative Offenses." Article 3.13 of this normative legal act establishes that the ban on carrying out noisy works and other actions in the city extends for a period from 23 to 7 hours, regardless of the day of the week, therefore it is possible to make noise on weekdays and at weekends from 7 to 23 hours. And in the Novosibirsk region this issue is regulated by the Law No. 99-OZ of February 14, 2003 "On Administrative Offenses in the Novosibirsk Region." This law establishes various modes of correlation of work and rest on weekends and working days. So, during working days, the right of citizens to sleep and rest at night is extended from 22 to 7 hours local time, and on weekends - from 22 to 9 hours. So do noisy work and activities on the weekend in this region should only be from 9 to 22 hours.

Thus, planning the implementation of repairWorks or a noisy party, you should familiarize yourself with the current legislation of the region in which you live. This information will not only allow you to comply with the law and not fall under the sanctions for violating the right of citizens to a night's rest, but also to protect their own right to silence in case of violation.

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