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How to build a server from scratch


How to build a server from scratch

Assembling the server allows you to manually configure and get the right equipment for later use.

By assembling the server yourself, you can create a more subtle configuration that best suits your goals and objectives.

To make the assembly as efficient as possible, it is necessary to follow a certain sequence when selecting components.



Decide on the platform and the approximate costOf all equipment. Determine the system requirements for the server to function successfully. It is worth noting that, depending on the purpose of use, the required power will also change. So, if you decide to organize a small file storage on which you plan to place only files for personal use, you hardly need an expensive and powerful machine. However, if you are planning to launch an Internet resource with an average attendance, you will need more expensive equipment.


Select the processor that will beThe main component of your server. Study reviews and reviews on the latest models and technologies used. For more-less powerful machines, it is desirable to have a minimum of 4 cores in the processor. A single-core device is suitable for file storage or a personal proxy server. Popular server platforms to date are Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron.


Under the selected processor model, selectMotherboard. If you want your server to occupy the minimum space in the room, study the MicroITX form factor boards. There are also larger motherboards of the MiniATX and ATX format, which vary in size. When choosing, pay attention to the number of available interfaces, for example, the presence of several plug-in SATA connectors, slots for memory slots and the presence of additional ports for connecting peripheral equipment.


Start the selection of additional components. Acquire the memory slots in accordance with the connector on the motherboard and hard disks of the correct size. If necessary, buy a new network card if the adapter built into the motherboard does not suit you by any parameters. Pay special attention to cooling the entire system - purchase several coolers to ensure the operation of all equipment without overheating.


At the last stage, select the body and blockFood to it. The case should be selected depending on the size of the motherboard. Installing the power supply should be based on the power consumption of your equipment. Summarize the total power of each of the elements of the system, adding the characteristics of the energy consumption of each purchased card. Based on these data, select the appropriate power supply. The assembly can be considered complete.

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