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How to collect a first aid kit for a child


How to collect a first aid kit for a child</a>

Traveling with a child expands the horizons of his knowledge of the world and promotes development.

Have a rest together with the child, spend time fun and interesting.

Prepare yourself well for your vacation so that little trouble does not overshadow it.

Anesthetic and antipyretic. For children, you can useBased ibuprofen or paracetamol. These are medications sold under the trade names "Ibuprofen", "Nurofen", "Panadol", "Kalpol". It is most convenient to take drugs in the form of a syrup, the candles may melt on the road.

Eye drops. In case of conjunctivitis, have at your fingertips even the simplest drops of "Albucid" or levomitsitinovye.

Ear drops. Water entering the ears of a child in a seaside resort in combination with the wind can cause otitis. Put a drop of "Otipax" or "Otinum" in the medicine chest.

Means from an allergy. Unusual surroundings and food can becomeThe cause of allergies, even if the child has not had its manifestations before. Just in case, take Suprastin, Tavegil, Zirtek or Claritin, and for external use with insect bites Fenistil.

Diarrhea remedy. In case of poisoning and diarrhea in a child inThe first aid kit should be sorbents that help to neutralize the action of toxins, such as activated carbon or Smecta, and to fill the water-salt balance with Regidron.

To process wounds Useful are hydrogen peroxide, adhesive plasters, bandages, cotton wool. Take balms that accelerate healing, such as "Rescuer", "Baneocin", "Bepanten", and a green pencil for the treatment of abrasions.

With sunburn Will help sprays "Pantenol" or "Olazole."

Take the Broad-spectrum antibiotic, For example, "Flemoxin Solutab" or "Amoxicillin", but remember that you only need to use it as a last resort. In such a situation, try to show the child to the doctor.

For washing the nose Take with you funds based on sea water"Aquamaris", "Akvalor", vasoconstrictive drugs for the relief of nasal breathing "Nazivin", "Ximelin" or preparations for the treatment of a cold on the oil basis, for example "Pinosol".

From a sore throat Spas "Geksoral", "Tantum Verde" will be saved. Look at the child's throat for possible presence of plaque or cork on the tonsils, they can talk about the started angina, which can be cured only with antibiotics. In this case, consult a doctor immediately.

From motion sickness Take the child in transport "Drama".

Carefully observe the state of the child on vacation, if you doubt the correctness of the treatment started, always consult a doctor.

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