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How to assemble the oven

How to assemble the oven

Assemble the stove with his hands can every home craftsman.

It is only important to choose the right design to deal with the furnace device, stock up the necessary materials and tools, and you can safely get to work.

You will need

  • Refractory bricks, red bricks, clay mortar, thin sheet metal, metal corner, metal pipe, one-piece cast iron plate



The furnace can be built in two different ways. The dimensions of the furnace are about 1000x1000 mm, design includes an oven. If desired from the oven can be dispensed with, but keep in mind that it is in the winter has the advantage: with oven will be warmer.


Solid fuel stove has a chimneyzigzag shape, shutter delay for heat. Top mounted cast iron plate with rings. The furnace is equipped with gas-fired direct to the riser of the chimney, one-piece cast-iron stove. The basis for the plates is a thick sheet metal.


Spread of the furnace refractory bricks, although you can use the red brick, but is less desirable. Brick and tile and then put on a clay solution.


Outside bake trim a thin sheet iron, whichIt protects the structure from fraying. Then reinforce the area 25x25 mm, masonry and retaining plate. Boiler size 400h400h400 mm brewed from pipes of 50 mm in diameter. A burner located below the boiler 200 mm (to avoid burning the pipes).


To determine the quality thrust solid-fueloven pay attention to the color of the flame. If the flame is bright white, and in the channels is heard rumble, you need to reduce the air supply (pull large). Under normal traction flame is golden-yellow. Black smoke from the chimney, and the red color of the flame indicates a weak draft, and therefore need to increase the air supply.


Stove for solid fuels consists of the followingstructural elements: masonry, chimney, shutters, cast iron plate with rings, kettle, oven, furnace, gas furnace manufacturing podduvalo.Pri The following design elements: riser, cast iron stove, kettle, oven, burner.

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