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If you are a fan of sporty driving, then all traffic your car should stand out characteristic tuning which is unthinkable without the continuous-flow muffler in the gas exhaust system.

The truth is quite common fans did not bother forcing a reliable motor and producing a powerful flow of decibels emitted by the muffler.



although the straight-through muffler It can be purchased at any auto, realathlete does not tolerate bragging and lead an ascetic life, in any case, do not take up the installation of consumer goods, leaving the destiny of boys. After all, trust in the sports tuning is only reasonable that he did lichno.Chtoby to repair mufflers or assembly, purchase: - cut stainless pipe 60-400 mm-diameter
- Flanges 100 mm in diameter with a hole of 60 mm - 2 piece-
- Length of stainless steel tube with a diameter of 100-700 mm-
- Mineral heater 600 * 700 mm-
- A grid of heat-resistant steel 600 * 680 mm.


Cut the pipe diameter of 60 mm cut in twoequal parts. To one of them in the middle of the flange welds, thereby obtaining the inlet. Leave the outer part unchanged, and in the other half, is installed inside the muffler, an electric drill, drill diameter of 5-6 mm, as many holes as possible. Welded flange with a tip in a pipe diameter of 100 mm and drown it inside 10 mm.


Next, prepare a second exhaust pipe onfollows: to the remaining tube segment, 60 mm diameter, 80 mm distance from the edge into the weld part flanets- further assembly process must be inserted in the future muffler.


Place the inside pipe diameter of 100 mmmineral wool insulation, it is necessary for the noise reduction device. To simplify the task of filling the muffler, take the cotton on the pipe diameter and push through it inside as long as it does not come from the opposite side of the flange.


Roll up the net and drop it into the inserted heat insulation, and the mesh inside the silencer must be fitted on the pipe with drilled holes.


After installing the silencer and the grid, in muffler Insert the flange. The flange, which is prepared in advance, it is necessary to insert the short end into and drown it in the depth of 10 mm. Then just weld it to the pipe electric welding.


Cut the "Bulgarian" with the old exhaust all fasteners and weld them to the newly created, straight through.

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