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How to assemble the keyboard

How to build a keyboard

If you need to assemble a computer keyboard, you should be aware of certain points before you proceed to its collection.

In general, the assembly of the computer keyboard is fairly simple exercise, to perform which do not require a particularly long time.

You will need

  • Keyboard.



To organize your activities, considerthe situation at the outset, namely the keyboard disassembly. First of all, before proceeding to an analysis device, disconnect it from the system unit. Only after that you can go to the next step.


flip keyboard and remove all visible screws. If the device is not shared after all screws have been loosened, proceed as follows. On the reverse side of the keyboard you will see the gum, which prevent slipping on the table device. It is likely that they are hidden under the additional screws. Peel data eraser, then, remove the remaining screws. Now the keyboard is split freely. Assembling parts is done by reverse tightening screws.


If you need to remove the keys from the keyboard, its analysis in this case is irrelevant. This is done as follows.


Before you proceed to the removal of keyskeyboard, take a piece of paper and redraw it all the buttons in the order in which they are located on your device. If you do not particularly want to draw, to avoid confusion during subsequent installation keys, share them with the withdrawal in order of their location on the keyboard. However, be careful: the cat had been running or accidental hand movement can disrupt the correct sequence of buttons.


To remove the keys from the keyboard, you need toproceed as follows. Embrace a release button on the left and right sides, and then, pull it upwards "from side to side." So you need to do with each button with the exception of the space. When removing the spacebar seizure should be carried out with the upper and lower side of the button. To reverse the fastening buttons, simply set them to the desired location, then press the keyboard.

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