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How to assemble a purchased greenhouse from polycarbonate with your own hands


Polycarbonate greenhouse</a>

After you were lucky enough to buy a greenhouse made of polycarbonate, it will need to be assembled.

Of course, you can invite specialists, but the cost of these works can reach 50-70% of the price of the greenhouse and not all hired brigades collect "on conscience".

Therefore, if you have a drill-screwdriver, a desire to save money, collect a house for growing vegetables yourself.

Make markup

First you need to prepare a place for the greenhouseFrom polycarbonate. It should be fairly level, not tilted. Look at the sizes of your purchase, mark them on the plot.

If you grow cucumbers, tomatoes inA greenhouse made of polycarbonate or other vegetables from spring to autumn, locate it along the length from north to south. If you plan to throw out greens and other crops in the winter, it is better to put the greenhouse along the length from west to east.


Now you need to decide on the foundation. If the set includes piles, set them perimeter to the ground. If they do not exist, you can pour a concrete shallow foundation or put bricks around the perimeter, and already on this base put a bar with a section of 100 x 150 mm, knock the box out of it, connecting the parts with screws, steel corners.

Do not forget to soak up this wooden construction from all sides with an antiseptic. The dimensions of the greenhouse made of polycarbonate can be different. Usually its width is 2-3, length is 2-6 meters.

Building a profile

Start collecting the greenhouse from the ends. Take a polycarbonate sheet of the appropriate size. The protective film is glued on its front side. Remove it, put the sheet on the first end. Attach the polycarbonate to the base with the help of roofing screws. Then, gently, slowly, cut the polycarbonate at the extreme points of the butt with a sharp clerical knife with a retractable blade. Doors and windows at this stage do not cut through. In the same way, decorate the second end.

Install the details of the profile of the greenhouse on the foundation. If you use a pile, insert the horizontal profile parts into the grooves of the piles. If you put it on the base of a bar, attach the profile of the bottom of the greenhouse with screws 80-90 mm long with washers to its outer side.

Leaving the edge of the beam 2 cm, attach the firstBase part. Then, insert the T-shaped adapter into its end, attach the following part of the base of the greenhouse to it. When it is secured, insert the greenhouse arcs into the upper hole of the T-shaped adapter.

Raising your head, you will see holes in them. They are needed in order to attach a horizontal profile and fasten it to the arches with bolts and nuts. While only bait them. Attach the polycarbonate side ends to the overall design.

Fittings, polycarbonate

Fasten the hooks for doors, windows. Now you need to cut out small rectangles on the place of the hinges with a stationery knife, cut the holes between the window and the door so that they open well. Leave the doors in this open position and only now secure the previously drilled bolts and nuts of the profile with a drill or a powerful screwdriver. Attach the handle for the doors and windows.

Now you can fasten polycarbonate sheets. First bed immediately after the butt, it will be perpendicular to the length of the greenhouse. Secure it with screws, having pre-installed the galvanized tape. Then just attach the second sheet near the opposite end of the greenhouse. Fix them first to the right and left side of the structure, the last you place the center sheet. After that, the polycarbonate greenhouse is assembled and ready for operation.

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