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How to collect the purchased greenhouse polycarbonate with their hands

Greenhouse Polycarbonate

Once you happen to buy a greenhouse made of polycarbonate, it will need to collect.

Of course, you can invite experts, but the cost of these works may be up to 50-70% of the price of the greenhouse and all the hired crews collected "on the conscience."

Therefore, if you have a drill, a desire to save money, build a house to grow vegetables themselves.

Making layout

First, you need to prepare a place for greenhousespolycarbonate. It should be fairly smooth, do not have the inclination. Look at the size of your purchase, do them on the site layout.

If you grow cucumbers, tomatoesgreenhouses made of polycarbonate or other vegetables from spring to autumn, locate it in length from north to south. If you plan to distillation of greens and other plants in the winter, it is better to put the greenhouse in length from west to east.


Now you need to decide on the foundation. If the set includes piles, set them on the ground around the perimeter. If not, you can pour a concrete foundation or melkozaglublenny put around the perimeter of the bricks, and only on this basis put the bar section 100 x 150 mm, knock him out of the box, connecting parts with screws, steel corners.

Do not forget to soak the wooden structure on all sides antiseptic. Dimensions of polycarbonate greenhouses may be different. Typically, the width of her 2-3, 2-6 meter length.

Profile Assembly

Start collecting the greenhouse at the ends. Take a sheet of appropriate size polycarbonate. The protective film is pasted on its front side. Remove it, place the sheet on the first end. Attach the polycarbonate to the base by means of roofing screws. Then, gently, slowly, cut the polycarbonate at the extreme end points of the sharp office knife with a retractable blade. Doors, window leaves at this stage do not cut through. Likewise Arrange second end.

Set the details of the greenhouse on the foundation profile. If you are using a pile, insert the horizontal profile details into the slots piles. If put on the base of the timber, attach the screws 80-90 mm long with washers to the outer side of the profile of the greenhouse base.

Stepping back from the edge of the timber 2 cm, first attachthe base part. Next, insert the end of its T-shaped adapter, connect it to the next item greenhouse base. When it is fixed in the upper opening of the T-shaped adapter insert greenhouse arc.

Looking up, you see them in the holes. They need to make a horizontal profile and fasten it with the arcs of bolts and nuts. While only Loosely them. Attach to the general construction of the side ends with the polycarbonate.

Accessories, PC

Fasten hooks to the door vents. Now you need to cut small rectangles stationery knife on the ground loops, cut openings between the window, the door, so they are well open. Leave the door open to such a position, and only then fasten baited previously bolts and nuts profile using a drill or a strong screwdriver. Pin into place handles for doors and air vents.

Now it is possible to fix polycarbonate sheets. First, lay down immediately after the end, it will be perpendicular to the length of the greenhouse. Secure it with screws, pre-galvanized putting tape. Then just attach the second sheet around the opposite end of the greenhouse. Secure them first to the right and left side of the structure, the last you lay a central list. After that greenhouse polycarbonate assembled and ready for use.

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