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How to assemble the chandelier

How to assemble the chandelier

Ceiling lamps are sold in disassembled form.

Sometimes it may require additional expenses to the challenge of an expert who would be engaged in connecting chandeliers.

But you can collect it yourself.

Getting to the assembly, should preparethe necessary tools. It will take a wrench, screwdriver, knife and building multimeter. You should begin by reading the manual. Chandelier can have some design features, which is better know in advance.
From the package you must remove all the items, including housing, except lampshades. Glass lamp components sensible to get on the last stage of work, so it is possible to guarantee their integrity.

Securing the horns

Having turned away from the central housing nut chandeliers,you need to remove the protective cover. Then insert the first horn in the corresponding recess, set the washer and tighten the nut. Repeat the procedure with all remaining husks.
Upon completion of the work should be assessedvisually how they were installed symmetrically. If the lamp is used for more than two horns, eye estimation of use will not be enough. It is necessary to use a ruler or a low level.
Then you need to lock the key to tighten a nut. It is necessary to ensure that the horns are not shifted. Throughout the assembly process of the lamp should be checked for correct assembly of each individual parts before tightening mounting nuts to the limit.

Work on the electrical wiring

As an example, consider a chandelierWith 4 shades, mounted on 2 horns. If you plan to connect it to the switch with a single click, to be separated from the blue wire brown.
If the scheme involves the use of assemblyswitch with 2 toggle switches, wires should be divided into 3 groups. One group will include only 1 blue wire, the second - 3 blue, and the third - 4 brown. When the first toggle switch will light 1 bowl. The second switch 3 activates the ceiling once. Using the two buttons will switch to that light up all at once ceiling. It should be remembered that vary by color lamps wires.
Stripping insulation from the 1st group of wires, it is necessarytwist them together, and then connected to the central conductor. It is necessary to use the connector. If it is not complete, it can be purchased in a hardware store.
Similarly to other central wire is connected to the 2nd group. If you will use a double switch, it is necessary to repeat the manipulation of the 3rd group of wires.
At the end of the assembly to install the protective cover tightly secure it with a nut. You can then perform the installation lampshades and other available bundled decorative elements.

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