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How to assemble the battery

How to assemble the battery

When installing or repairing the heating systembe sure to count the number of sections of the heating panels for each room. But getting them is very difficult to find the necessary heat sink size.

In this case it is possible to produce a battery assembly on their own, keeping in mind that it is quite a difficult job, requiring the artist his accuracy and responsibility.

You will need

  • - Radiator key-
  • - Pipe wrench №2-
  • - Rubber prokladki-
  • - Oil paint-
  • - Tow or tape FUM-
  • - Bleed screw.



To build an aluminum or bimetalBattery twist in one section of the connecting element, equipped with thread. In place of the connection of the radiator sections lay gaskets. In their absence, you can use a piece of dense rubber from a car or a bicycle inner tube. Cover the end of the chalk used threaded element and attach to this place a small piece of rubber. As a result, it should get a mark in the form of a circle, which will need to be carefully cut. For laying, measure slightly more than two centimeters inside and cut residues from the center.


Pick up the second section, and press it tosemi-assembled structure. Thus it should be pressed against the lining already installed. Then tighten the connection of the two sections by a radiator key.


Majewski on the thread tap as closely as possiblewrap tape FUM, and then through the radiator key, screw it into the upper end of the radiator. Likewise tighten Fittings and all necessary valves.


To assemble the cast iron radiator sections and takescrew it screw connection. Then, attach the gasket, promazhte thread paint and connect the two sections together. Paint will also have to miss the mark and Fittings on top, which is placed in front of this tape FUM or tow.


At the end of the battery assembly is required to check thethe work done. To do this, take the hose to fill the newly built hot water radiator. While checking the battery should be based on a large sheet of white paper or any other light, solid color, so that you can distinguish between stains. If within an hour filled with hot water battery does not flow, so the work was done qualitatively, and all connections are turned tight.

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