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More and more people install at home satellite dishes

More and more people install at homesatellite dishes providing access to satellite television and satellite Internet. It is not always at the customer service have the opportunity to call on the specialist home antenna installation, for various reasons.

In this article, we'll show you how to install your own satellite dish without using the wizard.



Check the antenna and a complete set of all its parts.


Take konvertoroderzhatelya arc and set on both ends of the plastic plugs.


Then use two screws to attach the metal support konvertoroderzhatelyu.


Now take the irradiator (converter) and place it between the left and right holders and secure the holders with the feed on the arc konvertoroderzhatelya using two bolts.


After completing the above steps, take twometal clamp and install them in the swing arm. Fasten the ends of each of the clamps on the metal clip, and then on each end of the screw on the nut and washer.


Take two long bolts and attach the swing arm support. Within the swing arm position the two spacers, one for each bolt.


Now take the plate? is a reflector antenna. Fix it on the support by screwing four screws and four nuts from the back side.


Attach to the wall with bolts durable metal L-shaped bracket, which will be attached to the converter plate.


In the bracket, insert the plastic plug, and then fully assembled plate via a support place on the bracket. Turn the screw of the swing arm, and tighten up the nuts on the clamps.


Check how easy dish rotates in different directions. The assembly is completed? can connect the TV, adjust the antenna and check the quality of signal reception.

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