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How to assemble the shower box

How to build a shower box

When shopping for plumbing, many people are faced with the problem of choice: what to prefer - a full bath or shower.

Few people ever decided to take his own pleasure to lie in a bath with fragrant foam.

In fact, there is a simple solution - buy shower box. Shower boxes are a combination bath and shower.

The installation of this sophisticated equipment is recommended to trust the professionals, but if you are confident in their abilities - you can try to install a shower box yourself.

You will need

  • - White Silicone germetik-
  • - Screws or vinty-
  • - screwdriver-
  • - building level



Inspect sump capita boxing. Typically, pallets showers of this type are supplied in an assembled state. Tighten the fixing bolts and nuts. Check the connection of the drain trap.


Set the pan on the place where will be located shower boxing. Mark the fixing points on the wall. Pallets shower boxes, usually attached to the walls by means of L-shaped hooks. Drill holes in the wall at the marked locations. Screw-fastening hooks in the tray until fixing it at the walls. Move the pan from the walls, to make it easier to make further assembly.


Assemble the rear panel of the shower box. If the rear panel of your shower box consists of several parts - fasten the rear panel parts together by means of screws or screws.


Attach the rear panel of the shower box to the pallet. Carefully seal the connection with the help of white silicone.


Assemble the front part of the shower box. Connect the rack and the front of the arc box together with screws. Set the glass, using special clips and rubber seals. Connect the front and rear side of the shower with screws or bolts. Treat the junction with the white tray with silicone.


Install the roof of the shower box and secure it with screws.


Place shower box to the installation site. Carefully align the box with the help of the adjustable feet. Make a horizontal arrangement of the pallet with the help of the level. Connect shower boxing to the water supply and sanitation. Connect the box to the water supply is possible by means of flexible hoses. Connection to the sewage produced by a flexible corrugated hose, coming complete with a siphon. Carefully check the tightness of all connections.


Securely fasten the box in the wall with L-shaped hooks.


Install the door of the shower box. To do this, screw the clips to the box door. Install the handles. Insert the rollers into the slots and put the door. Make stops in the grooves.


Promazhte all the joints inside the box with white silicone. Give boxing to dry for 7-9 hours.

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