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How to build a server


How to build a server

Sooner or later, any person who is engaged in Internet projects, it appears to create their own server.

And then you can stumble on the pitfalls, because the architecture of the server should be different from the architecture of a normal home computer.

You will need

  • Enclosure with power supply, motherboard, processor, coolers, RAM, hard drives



Before assembly serverBut you need to decide, take the case or platform. The platform is a special adapted motherboard and the enclosure itself. For a more suitable assembly, it's better to buy a case with a power supply and separate contents to it.


The power supply must be at least 350-400W in order to withstand the load (if server Will have 4 hard drives, then this will be a minimum of 400W).


After installing the power supply, you must select the motherboard. The fee must be serverNaya, tk. In its structure, it differs from motherboards for home computers (more ceramics for cooling and removing excess electricity). Server boards sometimes have more network ports and SATA connectors. When choosing a card for serverBut it is necessary to choose models in which the memory is located perpendicular to the wall of the housing. This contributes to better cooling.


Next, choose the processor for the motherboard (by the number of socket-a) and the cooler. The cooler should be selected for blowing hot air - a cooler for serverAnd blowing hot air will be vertical, and notSideways. When installing the cooler, it is necessary to apply thermal paste between the radiator and the processor. The radiator is installed by the ribs perpendicular to the rear wall of the case, so that it is blown by other coolers.


Next, the RAM is installed,Preferably at least 4 gigabytes for standard needs and less load. Then hard disks of the required volume are installed. For the security and protection of information, it is desirable to combine several hard disks into a RAID array. If necessary, a CD-ROM is connected. The server is ready.

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