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How to assemble a PC

Many users today use computers, which a few years ago were considered state of the art

Many people stopped chasingthe ever-growing demands of computer games today use computers, which a few years ago were considered state of the art as a great media player to watch movies, listen to music on the Internet.

But all things obsolete, chips and burnbroken, and therefore does not exclude the situation when some time later, to spice up your computer, you will have to go through all the components with their own hands, and, may be, and to collect the PC? from scratch? independently.

You will need

  • Phillips screwdriver, thermal grease



To assemble the PC, prepare a smallPhillips screwdriver and thermal paste. Place on a flat surface the system board. Install the processor on it, observing compliance with its contacts and socket slots. Top squeeze it a small drop of thermal paste. Also thermal grease smudge on the lower base of the radiator, then fasten the cooler with special clamps or locks.


Place the assembled parts in the system unit. Install the RAM and video card. Connect the wires to the motherboard from the power supply and do not forget to connect the power to the cooler. Connect the wires coming from the dynamics of the system and the button? Power? on package designed motherboard contacts, turn on the computer. If you hear a beep and see on the screen start the download, then everything has been collected properly, and components do not conflict with each other.


Set the system unit and plugspecial cables IDE hard drives or SATA-interface, as well as CD drives and other storage devices. Evenly place the other components on the motherboard: a network card, sound card, RAID-controller, etc. Connect the power to all components and restart your computer. If all hard drives are defined correctly and the download stalled due to lack of operating system, then you can start its installation.


To install the operating system is recommendedready to use with pre-assembly packs drivers and sets the most common programs. Thus, you can greatly save time when setting up your computer.

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