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How to collect pc


Many users today use computers that were considered the last word of technology a few years ago</a>

Many users stopped chasing afterConstantly growing demands of computer games and today use computers that a few years ago were considered the last word of technology, as a great media player to watch movies, listen to music on the Internet.

But any things become obsolete, the chips burn out andThey break, and so the situation is not ruled out when after a while, to revive the computer, you have to sort through all the components with your own hands, and maybe to assemble a PC from scratch? Yourself.

You will need

  • Phillips screwdriver, thermal grease



In order to assemble a PC, prepare a smallA Phillips screwdriver and a thermal grease. Place the motherboard on a flat horizontal surface. Install the processor on it, observing the correspondence of its contacts and slot jacks. On top, squeeze a small drop of thermal paste onto it. Also smear the thermal paste on the bottom of the heatsink, then fix the cooler with special clips or locks.


Place the assembled parts in the system unit. Install RAM and video card. Connect the wires from the power supply to the motherboard and do not forget to connect the power to the cooler. Connecting the wires from the system speaker and the? Power button? On the case with the intended contacts of the motherboard, turn on the computer. If you hear a short beep and see the start of the download on the monitor, then everything was assembled correctly, and the components do not conflict with each other.


Install in the system unit and connectSpecial hard drives IDE or SATA interfaces, as well as drives of compact and other types of drives. Uniformly place other components on the motherboard: a network card, a sound card, a RAID controller, etc. Connect power to all accessories and turn on the computer. If all the hard disks are detected correctly, and the download has stopped due to the lack of an operating system, then you can start installing it.


To install the operating system, we recommendUse ready assemblies with pre-installed driver packs and sets of the most common programs. This saves you time by setting up your computer.

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