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How to assemble a cot

Sooner or later, most people face a problem of assembling a cot

If the assembly or kitchen cabinet decided to invite professionals, the assembly crib expectant parents traditionally performed with his own hands.

But this is not an easy task as it seems at first glance ...

You will need

  • screwdriver, assembly diagram, exploded cot, screws, plugs for the screws



Cover the space to build a light cloth or paper to avoid scratching the components of the crib and when to find all the lost screws.


Screw fixed rear wall to the sidewalls cots screws included in the kit. This typically requires 4 screws, two on each side. Do not confuse the top and bottom of the rear wall. The side panels usually have legs, so it is more difficult to mix.


Install the box crib. Sometimes it is integral element, and in some models transverse boards bonded cord is laid in the grooves of the rear wall and a separate special bar. Do not fasten the bed is hard, just "Loosely" screws.


The special guide grooves of the side walls of the insert movable front wall beds, you can now secure the box with screws properly.


Turn the entire structure, you will findmetal slots to insert the wheels. If you plan to roll the crib, then insert them, but if you swing it from side to side on the arc-shaped bottom of the sidewalls, do not push.


If you have a pendulum cot, then it's time to assemble the pendulum mechanism. Do not forget to insert into the pendulum housing box for clothes, and then attach the side wall screws pendulum.


Place the crib assembled on the pendulum, use the bearing mechanisms, be careful to coincide holes for fasteners. Install latches. Close all the screws with plugs for beauty.

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