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How to collect a cot


Sooner or later most people will face the problem of assembling a crib</a>

If it is customary to invite professionals to assemble a kitchen or a cabinet, the future parents usually carry out the assembly of a baby crib with their own hands.

But this is also not such a simple task as it seems at first glance ...

You will need

  • Screwdriver, assembly diagram, disassembled crib, screws, screw caps



Cover the space for assembly with a light cloth or paper, so as not to scratch the constituent cribs and at the time to detect all the lost cogs.


Screw the fixed rear wall to the sideThe walls of the crib are supplied with screws. Usually this requires 4 screws, two on each side. Do not confuse the top and bottom of the back wall. On the side panels usually have legs, so that there is confusing more difficult.


Install the bed crib. Sometimes it goes as an integral element, and in some models the cross-pieces, fastened with a cord, are spread in the grooves of the back wall and a special individual bar. Do not fix the bed tightly yet, just "bait" with screws.


In the special guide grooves of the side walls insert the movable front wall of the crib, now you can fix the bed with screws as follows.


Flip the whole structure, you will findMetal slots for inserting wheels. If you plan to roll a crib, then insert them, and if you swing it from side to side on the arcuate bottom elements of the sidewalls, then do not insert.


If you have a pendulum cot, then it's time to start assembling the pendulum mechanism. Do not forget to insert a laundry box inside the pendulum housing, and then fix the side wall of the pendulum with screws.


Place the assembled crib on the pendulum, use the bearing mechanisms, make sure that the holes for the latches match. Install the latches. Close all screws with plugs for beauty.

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