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How to gather in a hike


How to gather in a hike</a>

Organization of the trek - the occupation is rather troublesome. And it does not matter at all: are you going for a short two-day walk or are you going on a long trip through forests, mountains and steppes.

Prepare for this event should be very thorough, because where you go, there will be no electricity, running water and other conveniences familiar to the city dweller.

You will need

  • - backpack-
  • - sleeping bag-
  • - tent-
  • - map and compass-
  • - flashlight, spare bulb and battery-
  • - articles of hygiene-
  • - sewing accessories-
  • - matches-
  • - dishes-
  • - first aid kit-
  • - clothes-
  • - Food.



The main attribute of any campaign is a largeA spacious backpack made of durable waterproof material, equipped with a variety of different pockets and compartments. To ensure that during the hiking trip of the backpack you do not rub your shoulders, sew them with a soft cloth: felt, felt or cloth.


In the backpack compartment, facing the back,Lay the soft things, and the outside - all the other attributes of hiking equipment. In the outer pockets, put those items that should always be at your fingertips: a compass, a knife, a rope, toilet paper.


You can not do without the sleeping bag. Even if you go on a hike in the hot summer period, give preference to a warm sleeping bag. If you get hot, you can always unbutton it. If you freeze in a thin sack, it will not be easy to warm up.


Add comfort to your stay in naturetourist tent. When choosing it, consider how many people will "live" in it. But remember that the more the capacity of the tent, the higher its weight.


Be sure to bring along a map chosen forHiking, terrain and compass, a flashlight with a spare bulb and battery, sewing accessories in case of damage to things: thick threads, a needle, buttons, and hygiene items: towel, soap, toothpaste and brush, toilet paper.


Do not forget about the matches. In order to protect them from dampness, wrap the match boxes in plastic bags, which in turn are placed in a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid.


Take with you a small aluminum bowler,A water jar, a thermos, a mug, a spoon and a folding knife. Leave in your hiking rucksack a place for the first aid kit, in which you put a spray, cream or gel to protect against insects, means from bruises, burns, cuts, headache and toothache, bandage, cotton.


Choose an outfit suitable for the campaign. Inconvenient, fettering movements of clothes can spoil your mood and rest. Therefore, give preference to a light, spacious jacket and pants. If you are going to go camping in the cold season, put on thermal underwear. Shoes, as well as clothes, should be as simple as possible, comfortable and free. In the backpack, put three or four pairs of cotton and two pairs of warm woolen socks.


And of course take care of your food in the campaign. Take with you a variety of cereals, pasta, fish or canned meat, potatoes, tea leaves, vegetable oil, salt, sugar.

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