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How to assemble a bouquet

To build a wonderful bouquet, not necessarily to be a professional florist

Modern florists are able to be amazing in its beauty and harmony of the bouquets of fresh flowers.

But even the most brilliant in the world florists? are the same people as we are. To compile the ideal from the point of view of flower arranging flowers must, of course, a lot to learn.

But just a good and beautiful bouquet can be collected and by using the given below tips.



In spring bouquet is better to combine no more than threeshades. In addition, it is desirable that the flowers were picked up in a single color. For example, when you make a spring bouquet of pale purple lilacs and tulips, the latter should not choose a yellow or red, otherwise the bouquet looks too colorful.


And now about the types of flowers. They may be in a bouquet of a few. Sizes and textures colors, you can easily combine. Smooth, double, needle, large and small heads of the flowers? You can take any. At the same time, with small flowers and pale coloring beaters are placed at the edges of the bouquet, and large and bright should take place closer to the center.


Gently combine simple and complex colors. Let us explain: gentle and so simple field of daisies, lilies and daffodils is not necessary to combine with bright and exotic orchids or tropical anthurium. Such bouquets look tasteless. But ordinary wild flowers (Solidago, field iris) can be combined with any colors, keeping them in the same color scheme.


It can not be in a bouquet full of greenery. Various herbs and supplements her bouquet should also select the rule combinations of textures and sizes. For example, an air tight fit twig asparagus and carved palm leaf is cast gloss. Only it is not recommended to collect a bouquet so the flowers hiding behind the trees. Only light grains can be placed just above the bouquet as a whole.


Flower Arrangement will be interesting to see if the use of flowers in different stages of dissolution. The combination of tight buds to reveal fully and completely with flowers will be a successful undertaking.


Location of colors is also important detail: they have to look in a bouquet freely and not be brought down in a heap.


It is also desirable that the height of the colors were different, too. This will help make your bouquet more natural.

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