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Aspirin Mask for Acne


About perfectly smooth, clean, with a matte shadeMany people dream of their skin. But nature is sometimes ruthless towards the fair sex. As a result - redness, peeling, pimples, scars on the skin and oily shine.

In this case, an aspirin mask will come to the rescue. Its effectiveness is extremely high, and the cost, compared with other cosmetic products, is very symbolic. In addition, it can cook any girl.

Aspirin, which is the basis of the mask, removesSymptoms of inflammation (redness, swelling, pain, peeling), thereby smoothing and leveling the surface of the skin-reduces the sebum secretion with glands-prevents further progression of acne.

A mask consisting of one aspirin is yourSort of scrub. With the small, but coarse particles of crushed aspirin contained in it, deep purification of the pores occurs, the skin of the face gets rid of the black spots, as a result, it is ready for active nutrition.

If the skin is dry, then you do not need to use a mask containing one aspirin. For the purpose of an additional feeding component, you can add another affordable and extremely miraculous product - honey.

But, before applying the mask (and even more so withAdding honey) to the skin of the face, it is necessary to test the area of ​​the skin of the inner surface of the forearm on the possibility of an allergic reaction.

Use an aspirin mask with honey once a week.

The mask is prepared as follows: Chop 4 aspirin tablets, add 2 dropsHoney and a teaspoon of water. Stir and apply to the face. Avoid application to the skin around the eyes. Aspirin weight for 10 minutes, then wash off. If the burning sensation of the skin is felt, the mask is washed off immediately.

The versatility of the mask is that aspirin itselfTo itself not only cleanses the skin, relieving inflammation, but also stimulates cellular renewal. Honey, as a powerful energy component, nourishes the cleansed face, increasing the elasticity of tissues. As a result - a clean, even, elastic skin.

And above all, remember that the appearance of acne onFace - is the result of metabolic disorders and reduced immunity. Refuse bad habits (smoking and alcohol), limit fatty, spicy, salty, sweet and floury. Instead of coffee - juice or green tea. And put in the diet more fresh fruits and vegetables.

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