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Asparagus: caring for exotic asparagus

Asparagus: caring for exotic asparagus

Asparagus - a beautiful, spectacular and quite common houseplant.

Florists love it for simplicity and ease of care.

Asparagus is growing rapidly and is becoming a real decoration of the room.

Asparagus likes bright light, but if necessary,and can adapt to partial shade. In direct sunlight feels good only Sprenger asparagus, other species should be protected to avoid dropping needles and burns.

The temperature of the plant prefers moderate. In the summer it should be around 20-24 degrees, and in winter - 14-18 degrees. If you can not provide the asparagus cool temperatures during the winter, pay special attention Watering. During warmer months, the plant is recommended to move to the balcony or in the garden.

Watering should be abundant asparagus, but avoidwater stagnation. Between moistening the soil should not desiccate. If the plant is contained in winter and cool conditions, watering should be reduced. Asparagus likes to spray. They need to be carried out at any time of the year.

If you notice that the plant is beginning to dry, and fold the leaves turn yellow, increase the amount of watering and spraying.

Transplant young asparagus should be every year, more adult specimens - once every two or three years. The pot should be spacious as asparagus root system is developing very fast.

Fertilizing should be done from spring to fall once in two weeks. You can use both organic and mineral fertilizers.

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