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How to ask for house-back thing

How to ask for a brownie back thing

In Russia believed: every house has its own master.

He tried to appease by offering milk, bread and sweets, asked to keep watch housing.

And sincerely believe that things just are not lost, the house takes them to play.

Even skeptical people once in my life thought about the presence of an outside power in the house. Suddenly fallen thing, the sound of dishes, floors creaking doors or cabinet suggests the idea of ​​mysticism.

The benefits of friendship with brownie

It houses in Russia has always been respectful. He was called the owner and keeper of the home. Brownie likes to clean house, peace and harmony, a positive emotional environment.
Thanks to good relations with the houses, you canget in his face protector, not only at home but also family. All this may seem like a fairy tale, but in real life there were no one-off cases where people have seen in a dream that they forgot to close the water or turn off the gas. Waking up, they found it all really.
Brownie can protect the family from evil forces andanticipate damage. If you come to people with evil intentions, the house will try to get rid of him, knocking the cup from his hands, dropping and breaking things. Protection of housing in the absence of the owners - the same obligation brownie. Even if you accidentally forgot to close the door, nothing will happen to your property.

As the return loss

Brownie loves pranks and positiveemotions. He plays with young children, animals and things owners. Quite often there are situations when the person 100% sure thing put in some place, but this thing is not there.
You can ask to return the lost browniething. To do this, you need to say three times: "homes, and play, so give it." After that, the thing is usually either in a prominent place, or where already searched. And the man instead of gratitude think that you do not accidentally saw her.
In addition to the request to give a lost thing, you cantie a bow on the leg of a chair. It is believed that this will be compensated thing that will return the house. Some people help a ritual with a cup: it is necessary to completely empty the table to put an inverted cup or glass. After a while, the thing there.
To establish and maintain friendlyrelations with the houses, you need to talk to him. You can periodically make him small gifts. For example, a beautiful bright buttons, beads or jewelry is put in a secluded place and say houses, it was a gift for him. Treats in the form of a saucer of milk or sweets also appease the home owner. But the smell of alcohol and tobacco, the house can not stand.
When you move into a new home can be a good browniecall himself. To do this, you need to sweep the floor and collect dust, pour into a new home. Said, "Brownie, come to us to live," and rest assured that your home is protected.

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