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Asbestos-cement pipes: types, applications

Asbestos cement pipes: types, applications

Asbestos (asbestos cement) pipes - a building material made of asbestos fiber and Portland cement.

Asbestos and cement for the manufacture of pipes are taken in the ratio 15:85.

Types and use of asbestos cement pipes

There are two types of asbestos cement pipes - pressure and pressure-free.
Pressure pipes have an inner diameter of 50 to 600 millimeters. their length is 5 meters. These tubes are designed for high pressure - 6 or 9 atmospheres.

For asbestos cement pressure pipes are characterized by long life and little hydraulic resistance. therefore they are widely used in construction.

Pressure pipes are used in pressurized water installation, gas pipeline, pressure irrigation and drainage systems.

Asbestos cement pressure pipes have been used in the regeneration of boreholes. They are also used for the floors of outbuildings, a feeding trough for animals.

The disadvantage of asbestos-cement pipes is their increased brittleness, causing inconvenience during installation.

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Apply pressure pipes in the construction of pressure sewers, siphons and iloprovodov.

Gravity asbestos cement pipes in length may be from 2, 95 to 5 meters. The inner diameter can vary from 50 to 500 millimeters.

These pipes are used for non-pressure piping installation of external engineering networks - sewer, flue, garbage, exhaust vent.

Non-pressure pipes are also used asthe shaft or conduit when installing the telephone and electrical cables. Since this type of asbestos-cement pipes has a high electrical resistance and is not afraid of electrochemical corrosion.

Use a non-pressure pipe as supports, columns and piles during installation of fences and other barriers.

Advantages of asbestos cement pipes

One of the most important advantages of asbestos-cement pipes is their durability. They may serve as 30-40 years.
Such pipes are resistant to corrosion and corrosiveenvironment, they are easy to install and processing. Asbestos cement pipes have a low cost and light weight. Listing the advantages of these tubes is impossible not to mention the lack of the need to protect them from stray currents and groundwater.

Garbage chute and sewerage system of this type of pipe has no negative impact on the state of the soil and the environment.

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Since asbestos cement pipes have goodheat-shielding characteristics, in the construction of water supply system, they can be laid at a depth of less than cast iron or metal. The water in these pipes will not freeze at low temperatures.

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