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How to write by hand


For the development of the brain it is useful to write with the other hand.</a>

Output letters on a sheet of paper is very useful for children and adults.

Speed ​​dialing (and more recently, and printing)Text - certainly a big plus. Only no computer in the world can replace a person with the development of the abilities, speech and memory that the letter gives by hand.

When typing electronic text and writing by hand, even the brain regions work differently.

All this has been proved many times by specialists.

You will need

  • Pen (or pen), paper, works of classics, postcards, prescriptions, mirrors.



Ideally, those who want to develop themselves need to write from arms everyday. To accomplish this task, combine the useful with the pleasant: - Learn some language. Scientists have proved that mastering the material will go faster and better if motor memory is involved. If you have problems with literacy, rewrite the texts of the classics. Just make sure that the edition was good. If you study, outline the material that you read, especially the various formulas, tasks. - Write letters. No, not electronic. Leave the mails only for urgent business. Write paper letters from arms People who are dear to you. Tell them not about current events, but about interesting facts. You can rewrite an interesting chapter from a book or come up with your own TV series. Enter it into the tradition, and after a while, the one to whom you write will have a whole novel-manuscript-Sign cards from arms. Let there be a poem taken from the Internet, but written by you.


Pay attention to the quality of the letter. Your development also depends on this. The more you try, the more equal your life will be. And in 70 years, it makes sense to get the prescription for 1 class and "put" a hand.


Engage in writing, develop all the componentsBrain. Practice writing with the other hand, in the opposite direction, in the mirror image and upside down. The test can be performed using a mirror. Initially, it will be difficult, because it will want to make it as easy as it is customary. Do not give up. A more complex and not suitable for everyone is to study calligraphy.

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