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How to write the opening address to the thesis work

Protection of the diploma

Prepare an introduction to the protection of the thesis is often a certain complexity due to the need to accommodate the contents of all the work on the pages 3-4.

The estimate of the thesis often almost 90% depending on how the student will prepare and deliver the opening word to her.

The role of the introductory speech in defense of the thesis

Members of the examination commission are unlikely to beread the thesis as a whole, they simply do not have enough time for it. They just flipped through it, pay attention to the correctness of registration, possibly on the individual facts or quotes. But the opening remarks at the protection they will listen with attention, and it is on this basis, will ask questions. The task of the student - competently and clearly make their opening statement, possibly anticipating the answers to questions that may arise in the course of protection.
In accordance with standard requirementsthe preparation of the thesis, it must contain the following elements: introduction, main part, subdivided into theoretical and practical, conclusion, list of references. Similarly, the need to draw up a plan for the introduction by the defense.

The order of writing the introduction,

First, you need to formulate your topicthesis, formulated its aim and objectives set to achieve this goal. Then prove the relevance of the theme and the materials used for it. The following briefly describe the theoretical part of the work (to characterize the objects, subjects and methods of research, very succinctly summarize summary) and to draw conclusions from it. In the same way to talk about the practical part. Complete report should summarizing and analyzing the results of the work, confirmation of its scientific and practical importance. You should also specify the scope of practical application of the thesis.
The easiest way - to make the beginning of the introductorythe words. It is necessary to make the goal, objectives and relevance directly from the administration. It is more difficult to retell a summary of theoretical and practical parts (pins are transferred without changes).
Summing up the results and significance of the work is taken fromconclusion. The duration of the introduction, should not exceed 10 minutes. For clarity, you can prepare a computer presentation that contains the tables and figures that reflect the most important aspects of the thesis.
Before you begin your opening statement, you should politely refer to the State Examination Commission, introduce themselves, call their specialty and scientific adviser.
Properly drafted and confidently pronounced the opening address to the thesis work - the main component of a successful defense.

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