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How to remove scars without laser

Repelling the scars left on the skin afteracne, burns, surgery or cuts, no one added attraction. Fortunately, modern cosmetology has the means to get rid of any scars.

The most popular method - laser resurfacing, but besides him enough options.



Remove scar can be surgically removed. For this cosmetic surgeon actually cuts out the scar, leaving in its place almost imperceptible intradermal cosmetic seam. In a similar way to remove scars from inflammation in the skin: acne or blackheads. The doctor performs a subcutaneous dissection, getting rid of the healed tissue.


An effective method is mechanicalResurfacing the skin area containing scar. The operating principle of the process is no different from laser resurfacing and represents the removal of the scar tissue in layers. This procedure is quite painful, so is performed under local anesthesia. After grinding course compulsory rehabilitation measures carried out with the use of drugs.


Chemical peels are also successfully fights with scarsand scars. On damaged skin produced a profound effect using fruit acids, activates the process of skin regeneration. This method is well suited for rejuvenation, eliminating the stretch marks or wrinkles.


To smooth the top layer of the epidermis oftenthe procedure called mesotherapy, during which the patient to inject a mixture of drugs that activate the body's production of collagen - connective tissue. This variant is frequently used to restore the skin after surgery.


If the scar or scar is fresh enough, thenHelp can come traditional methods, most of which are approved and recommended by doctors, beauticians. These methods include the mask of blue clay, perfectly relieves the skin from traces of minor cuts, massage with almond oil, accelerates regeneration of skin cells, massage with essential oils. In addition, an excellent regenerating effect is the mask of the concoctions and masks of nutmeg. However, the duration of treatment of folk remedies is quite large - the average recovery takes six months.

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