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How to convert Windows XP to Vista


How to convert Windows XP to Vista</a>

If you want to partially save the system settings when moving from Windows XP to Windows Vista, it is recommended to perform the OS update procedure.

Please note that it does not work for all versions of XP and Vista.

You will need

  • - The Windows Vista installation disc.



Please note that Windows XP Media Center, professionalX64 and 2000 professional can not be upgraded to Vista Business. But XP Media Center can only be redone in Vista Ultimate. Therefore, pre-specify the possibility of updating your OS. Now, clean up and prepare the disk. Remove all programs and applications you need. They still have to be reinstalled.


Try to achieve the complete absence of allUnnecessary applications. Defragment the hard drive. Open the "My Computer" menu and right click on the system partition of the disk. Go to the properties of the section. Click on the "Defragmentation" button and perform this process.


Now insert into your DVD-ROM drive the installationDrive Windows Vista. In the menu that opens, select the option "Check compatibility over the Internet". Make sure that your version of XP can be upgraded to this copy of Vista. Now click the "Install" button.


A new window will open, containing the item "RunConnect to the Internet for the latest updates. " Click on it. This is necessary to increase the degree of security in the transition to a new operating system. In the next window enter your license activation key. Check the box next to the parameter "Automatically activated when you connect to the Internet." Click "Next".


Accept the terms of the license agreement andClick the "Next" button. In a new window, select Update. After a while, the "Compatibility report" window will open. Close it by clicking the "Next" button. During the process of updating the OS, the computer will be rebooted several times. The second and third stages of the upgrade are no different from the steps for installing a clean copy of Windows Vista. Be sure to check the compatibility of the drivers after the OS upgrade is complete.

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