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As noted second wedding anniversary

How to celebrate a second wedding anniversary

The second wedding anniversary is called paper marriage.

During the two years of family life, people have time to understand each other better, to survive the grinding characters, plunge into the everyday routine.

Both spouses are beginning to realize that a happy marriage - it is teamwork.

Paper as a symbol of the second anniversarychosen because this material is stronger than cotton, but is still fragile. Paper can easily break from excessive effort or catch fire from a random sparks. But she is also very flexible.
Family life in the second year of marriage becomesstronger than the first year. Passed the first year of the crisis, the illusion shattered. However, any quarrel to upset the delicate balance and emotional scandal can do to burn relationship.

Paper Wedding Traditions

In the paper anniversary of a tradition of writingfamily letter. To the couple understand each other better, they write letters to the qualities that are like and do not like in a partner. To be careful in their claims, this letter can improve family life.
As home decor paper used. From it are made paper balls, garland in the form of hearts, Zhuravliki. On the table in front of the spouses will look beautiful two swans in the origami technique. By the way, this is a great gift idea.

What to give a paper wedding

In a paper accepted to give a wedding paper. Money, certificates, tickets to the cinema and theater, trips to rest - all this is also the paper.
Special Greetings will be a large poster,painted and decorated by all the invited guests. You can write anything you want: lyrics for the wedding dance couple, wishes, advice and simple ideas.
A good gift can be a thematic book. Optionally, give fiction. Universal option - photo book with the story of a certain country,. If the couple has not yet collected their wedding album of their pictures, you can also make a photo book, leaving the warm wishes on the last page.
If the husband - a business man, a gift from his wife's diary can be a good way to finish. A pleasant surprise will be a gentle message on the first turn.
For spouses fit the paper in the form of a gift certificate to a clothing store or cosmetics, beauty salon, a master class.
Wishes to make a surprise for the couple can donateBook desires. This book is a small format, each page of which is written and drawn by the desire to tear line. In the background, you can use pictures heroes of the occasion.
The operating principle of this book is that some of thespouse has the right to tear the desired code, and the second is to fulfill the wish. For example, breakfast in bed or a day without TV. All presenting limited imagination.

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