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How to wash with tinted glass

There are two ways to remove the tinting: contact the service center or on their own to get rid of it.

Of course, the easiest and most reliable way of treatment is considered a specialized center where professionals can quickly and easily remove the tint from the car, but for that you need to pay.

And how fun it can afford not every car owner, you can use the second method and remove dubbing the film on their own.



At first glance it seems that the procedure itselffilm removal is very simple and requires no special skills. All that is required - it is to catch a film or a knife blade and detach it from the glass. But here it is impossible not to take into account some special features. Toning itself is attached with a special glue to the glass, and if it is wrong to remove it, the remnants of the adhesive mass can be a real problem, gathering dust and taking fingerprints on the glass. And get rid of the glue is very difficult.


Before you shoot, the film must be heated,the adhesive has been removed together with the polymer layer. For this purpose the building hair dryer, but if not, then you can take and ordinary. It is important to remember that the hair should not be put to close the glass or the glass may crack. Remember that the temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, otherwise the film may melt.


After heating, remove the film locationsto hook blade and gently smooth the movement from top to bottom is contracted toward the car door. Do not rush, preheat shading phenomenon is not more than 10-15 cm, after which the same is contracted by 10-15 centimeters polymer and reheated.


If some glue still remains, then byit is possible to get rid of by using glass cleaner with alcohol in the composition or with a detergent solution, which is used mainly in service centers. When choosing a cleaning solution, pay attention to the composition, you can not take those containing phenolic compounds.


Chinese dubbing the film, which differvery thin polymer and relatively low light transmission capability, you can try to wash with a solution of ammonia and ordinary soap. Simply apply the liquid on the waffle towel and leave it on the glass for 10 minutes, then rub the sponge for washing dishes, if toning is washed off, continue the deletion, if not - your choice of hair and patient film contraction.

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