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How to straighten feathers in down jackets

Washing down jackets often bitter endtears of its owner. Elegant light airy coat or jacket at one point turned into a miserable and unattractive bag full of wet and hard lumps.

Horror! You sob near the washing machine, sprinkle head detergent and swears himself for that spare money on dry cleaning.

Do not give up too soon.

You can still try to save your favorite jacket.



Labels on most modern featherallow gentle washing at low temperatures by inhibiting usually only bleaching and drying machine. If the jacket at the same time well-stitched and stuffed with a good down, then he faces a minimum loss. However, for greater peace of mind put in the drum along with the thing a few tennis balls - it will suffer less down jacket.


After washing down jacket lay inhorizontal position and carefully plucked it, smoothing the crumpled feathers. When the jacket will become again more or less similar to the jacket, leave it to dry. When the main moisture leaves, hang the garment on a hanger to dry completely. Periodically remove it again proschipyvayte. If during the drying feathers not dry out completely, it may die out within things, then favorite jacket begins to exude a nasty musty smell.


The better the jacket dries out, the easier itIt becomes thus easier to spread down the clumps. In this regard, it may be useful "contrast drying" - hang down jacket on the shoulders turn a balcony into the cold, and then comfort each time it thoroughly whipping.


Making sure that the jacket completely dry, put it back into the washing machine along with tennis balls and turn on the "spin".


The final touch: a few minutes carefully whisk down jacket his hands as if he - a pillow, in order to better spread its feathers.

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