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How to call the generator


How to call the generator</a>

Normal operation of the machine is impossible without a car generator.

It gives an opportunity to exploit itA long time, while giving energy to all lights, ignition system, battery and all additional devices: tape recorder, audio amplifier, TV and others.

In the event of a generator failure on the road, it is possible to determine the fault and try to replace the defective element.



Check the quality of the grounding buses of the power unit and the battery, its connection to the contacts Generator, If the voltmeter shows a voltage lower than 13 V. Check fuse No. 5 if the "battery" indicator lamp is no longer lit and the instruments on the panel are not working. It is located in the relay unit (VAZ-2108), or No. 10 for VAZ-2105.07. Check the voltage at plug "61", remove it first Generator. With the ignition on, the voltage should be 12.5 V. Check the condition of the additional resistors in the fuse box.


Check the integrity of the armature winding. To do this, use a test lamp and battery, first remove the integral regulator, so that it is easier to access its ring contacts. Using it, also check the closure of the armature winding to the body.


Check the integral regulator Generator. To do this, connect the lamp (12 V to 1-3 W) toBrushes of the integral stabilizer (B, Ш). Connect 12 V between its housing (ground) and its tap for contact and the "positive" terminal. At the same time, the lamp should light up. When the voltage rises above 15-16 V on the "B" terminal, it must go out. Otherwise, the integral stabilizer should be replaced.


Remove the generator from the car and disassemble it. Take the test lamp and check all the diodes Generator. Three auxiliary and six basic. It should be noted that to simplify the design, three power diodes have an anode on their body, the other three have a cathode. Consider this fact when checking the diode bridge. Unplug the stator windings before checking from the diode bridge.


Check visually and with the help of battery andThe control lamp for a short circuit of the stator winding. They are connected with each other by a star, without forming an average point. In the event of a misalignment in the rotation of the armature, replace the bearings Generator To new ones. Normal output voltage Generator Should be 13.8-14.5 V. The main malfunctions in the generator set: a permanent discharge of batteries, the voltage of the on-board network is lower than 13 V, the boiling-out of the battery electrolyte at a voltage higher than 16 V.

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