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OVERVIEW Nissan Nismo Juke 2013

AS to ring generator

How to ring generator

Normal operation of the machine is impossible without a car alternator.

It provides an opportunity to exploit itsa long time, while giving energy to all the lighting equipment, the ignition system, battery pack and any additional adaptations: a tape recorder, an audio amplifier, TV and others.

In the case of a generator failure in a way, we can determine fault and try to replace the defective item.



Check the quality of the tire ground power unit and battery, connect it to the contacts generatorIf the voltmeter shows the voltage is below 13 V. Check the fuse in №5 if stopped illuminating warning lamp "battery" and do not work on the instruments panel. It is located in the relay box (VAZ-2108), or for №10 VAZ-2105.07. Check the voltage at connector "61" pre-remove it from the generator. With the ignition voltage should be 12.5 V. Check the additional resistance in the fuse box.


Verify the integrity of the armature winding. To do this, use the warning lamp and battery, remove the pre-integrated regulator that was easier to access his ring contacts. With her own check-circuit armature winding on the case.


Check the integral stabilizer generator. To do this, connect the lamp (12 W 1-3) tobrushes integral stabilizer (B, W). Apply voltage of 12 V between his body (mass) and tap a contact and "positive" terminal. The lamp should light up at the same time. When the voltage increase above 15-16 on terminal "B", it should go out. Otherwise, replace the integral stabilizer.


Remove the generator from the vehicle and disassemble it. Take the test light and check all the diodes generator. Three auxiliary and six major. It should be noted that to simplify construction, three power diode for its housing are an anode, the other three - cathode. Consider this fact when checking a diode bridge. Disconnect stator winding taps before checking on the diode bridge.


Check visually and using the battery anda control lamp for a short circuit of the stator winding. They are star connected to each other without forming the middle point. In case of violation of centering about the rotation of the armature, replace the bearings generator new ones. Average output voltage generator It should be 13,8-14,5 B. Main fault in the generating set: constant discharge the battery, the onboard power supply voltage is below 13V, electrolyte boil-off when the battery voltage is above 16 V.

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