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AS to punch penalty

How to break through penalty

To score a penalty at the same time easy and difficult. On the one hand, you have to eleven meters from the goal, bёsh without interference by standing ball.

Prevent you can only goalkeeper, and even then, only if he is lucky.

But on the other hand - the nerves, which can prevent even the most experienced athletes.

So how do you still score a penalty, the team will not fail?



Do not worry. As mentioned above, the excitement of your main rival. Abstracted from the surrounding reality. In your world must remain only a ball and the goal. Of course, the goalkeeper will not disappear because of the power of your thoughts, but you can easily disable it from the game, if you do not hit right into it.


Do not cheat. There are, of course, the master of which, punching penalty, Trying to outwit the goalkeeper, for example,the famous "Roman" Francesco Totti. However, you can easily outwit not only a goalkeeper, but yourself if start much wiser. Especially when you're trying to beat the goalkeeper cunning, at the wrong time can be nervous and slightly hit the ball. It's not hockey, it is the best for sure.


Select the angle. If you are not cunning, it just is not worth beating. The goalkeeper is the easiest way to take a direct shot on goal. Select angle, right or left, it does not matter. The main thing - it is necessary to choose a running start. When the whistle had already whistled, but you still did not move, you should know exactly what angle bёte. Do not hesitate to look into this angle, if badly will break into the "nine", no goalkeeper can not get the ball out.


Hit hard. The angle is not to beat little sense - the goalkeeper could easily catch and beat off the ball flying slowly. Without looking at the gate to beat too, should not - can strike past, as they say, "on the wheel."


Do not look at the goalkeeper. It so happens that goalkeepers are trying in every way to distract the kicker. It is also bad manners to be very distracting goalkeeper. Still, better to be honest, it is an advantage always have the kicker, so he knows where to beat the goalkeeper and - no.

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