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How to break through the check at the checkout

The cash register was invented by July 13, 1875, David Brown and quickly gained popularity for doing calculations in America, as in Europe.

It is intended for registration of the trade item and print sales receipt, which must be specified price for the goods and the date of sale.

Such devices are used everywhere in stores, supermarkets and other retail chains.



When registering a small business to secure theexpenditure and revenue is also used this device. Then cash receipts attached to the tax return as proof of the honesty and integrity of the work of private enterprise. To punch a check in hand to start include the cash register. If the indicator lights on the words "request" type fault explosives. Lit the correct date, press the BB. Specify the current time and press the BB. After all of the operations should glow figures 0.00. This means that included the "Cashier" mode.


Enter the amount (100 rubles 50k) - 1D - BB - = - IV. After that, create the Z - report: RS - 2B - BB, and then the X-Report: RS - 1D - BB. Then double-click Reset (SS), and a check should be beaten with a specified amount. Such an operation is standard and is held at the first turn on the cash register. Depending on the model and the manufacturer, the steps might be slightly different, but the principle remains the same.


Before you start with the cash registercarefully read the instructions for its use. In it, as a rule, should be described all the problems that can confront a beginner. If you something is not clear, consult with colleagues - they will help you cope with the difficulties you have associated with the implementation of a transaction.


According to conventional classification, cashdevices used in the field of services, trade, hotels and restaurants, for oil and gas trade. Also, they are self-contained, passive-system, an active-system and fiscal printers. The use of cash registers regulated by Russian legislation. This is evidenced by the Federal Law № 54-FZ of 22 May 2003 "On the use of cash registers in the implementation of cash payments and (or) calculations with use of payment cards." Illegal use of the device holds the enterprise certain penalties.

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