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HOW lived in the 19th century

How to live in the 19th century

XIX century gave the world many ingenious inventions and works of art.

It was invented the saxophone, dirigible, pasteurization, electric welding, trolley and more. In this era we worked Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Dumas and Hugo.

Many have claimed the lives of the bloody events of XIX century - the Napoleonic wars, the Civil War in the United States, Russian and Turkish battle.



nobility Life

The existence beyond their means led the nobilityenlightened countries in debt bondage. Many went bankrupt and dragged out a miserable condition. Constant scores and feasts previous centuries greatly affected the well-being of many genera. But this does not mean that in the XIX century dances and trips to salons ceased. Those nobles who could afford to spend, joyfully continued to chic lifestyle. Those who did not have the condition, take loans, trying to hit the jackpot in the gambling or just went for the money and glory in distant lands. Military operations around the globe that favorable.


The merchants and the bourgeoisie in the XIX century

These class amassing their capital sorapidly that gradually began to displace the nobility with leading positions in the world. Construction of railways, use of new inventions and factories significantly enriched these nouveaux riches. Unlike the nobility, representatives of the bourgeoisie were in no hurry to indulge in reckless spending. These capitals multiply. Of course, there was not all so smoothly - new companies at times have ruined property, leaving their creators without a penny in his pocket.


The peasants and workers of the XIX century

In the age of industrial growth there was a largethe exodus from the countryside to the city. It is worth noting that in most cases the life of the peasants improved. In Russia abolished serfdom, so that rural people could work themselves. Peasants from bast dressed in boots, wealthy could themselves employ workers.

As for the cities, the difficult working conditionsand poor life were commonplace for workers. Often had to live in barracks, work for 14 hours, the mortality was significant. Nevertheless, more and more villagers prefer to go in search of fortune in the city. Increased literacy.

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