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How to live in the 19th century


How to live in the 19th century</a>

The XIX century gave the world many ingenious inventions and works of art.

Saxophone, airship, pasteurization, electric welding, trolleybus and much more were invented. In this era, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Dumas and Hugo worked.

Many bloody events took the bloody events of the XIX century - the Napoleonic Wars, the Civil War in the United States, the Russian-Turkish battles.



Life of the nobility

Existence beyond his means led the nobilityEnlightened countries into debt dependence. Many were ruined and dragged out a miserable state. Constant points and feasts of the previous centuries significantly affected the welfare of many genera. But this does not mean that in the XIX century balls and hikes in the salons stopped. Those nobles who could afford spending, happily continued to lead a chic way of life. Those who did not possess a fortune, took loans, tried to break the jackpot in gambling, or simply went for money and fame to distant lands. Military operations around the globe favored this.


Merchant and bourgeoisie in the XIX century

These estates made their money soRapidly, that gradually began to shift the nobility from the leading positions in the world. The construction of railways, the use of the latest inventions, factories and plants greatly enriched these nouveaux riches. Unlike the nobility, the representatives of the bourgeoisie did not hurry to embark on reckless spending. The received capitals were multiplied. Of course, even here everything was not so smooth - new enterprises sometimes had the property of going bankrupt, leaving their creators penniless in their pockets.


Peasants and workers of the XIX century

In the century of industrial growth, a largeOutflow of the population from the villages to the cities. It is worth noting that in most cases the life of the peasants has improved. In Russia, serfdom was abolished, so that the rural people could work for themselves. The peasants from the boots were disguised as boots, the rich could have hired workers themselves.

As for cities, the hard working conditionsAnd a short life was common for workers. Life was often in the barracks, working for 14 hours, the death rate was significant. Nevertheless, more and more village residents preferred to go in search of happiness in the city. Literacy increased.

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