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As the site is profitable

As the site is profitable

The site can be profitable in several ways.

Together they are called monetization.

By the methods of monetization include advertising, participation in partner networks, sale of references, as well as the placement of online web store.

You will need

  • - Its own website.



Selling links - very simple and popularway to monetize the site. Despite the fact that search engines are threatening to "turn off" the opportunity and do not take into account such links are still far from full realization of this idea. For the sale of links is important, what are the indicators of the popularity of your site in search engines. The essence of the method is to ensure that you place on each page, links that take the stock exchange. Search engines ranking websites by popularity, take into account the links with your site, so the ones you promote, increase the rating. For that you get and the money.


Advertisements. This is a very popular form of earnings. From the preceding it differs in that here is your (and advertiser) the goal is to the links people are moving to the advertised website, while the sale of links does not imply a referral. The most popular forms of advertising on the site - contextual and teaser. You get money for every click on the ad unit user. The higher the traffic, the more money you can have with advertising. Site Performance is practically of no importance for this method.


Placement of articles. This method is similar to the first in that you place on your website material, which contains a link to the advertiser's resource, whereby it improves its performance in search engines. The difference is that the article is usually hangs "forever", that is, for the duration of the existence of your site, but also the method of promoting the search engines are not planning to prohibit. Placement of articles is paid more than the installation of the block of references, but it is a one-time fixed amount.


Affiliate and referral program. These include different types of Internet activity: here and file hosting, and various kinds of Internet activity, almost all of which have a referral program. Location of codes, blocks or links to partner sites - it is, in fact, the same advertisement. But here there is a significant difference. It is important that users not only have followed your link on the partner site, but would buy him anything. Number of visitors to make a deal called the conversion of traffic. The higher it is, the higher your income. For such earnings is important to have a site readers who would you trust.


Placing an online store on the site. Sale of real goods through the Internet - a very profitable niche to earn money online. This is a separate process profitable, but often requires the organization of business in the real world.

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