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How to donate money for a holiday


Donate money originally</a>

In modern society, the best gift for the holiday is money.

But presenting bills in an envelope is becoming an increasingly less popular way to make happy the gifted, because there are many options to donate money in an original way.

You will need

  • - money-
  • - packing according to the method.



Get a photo frame and placeBeautiful bills under the glass. Such a picture a birthday person can hang on the wall, leaving a gift for the future, and can spend money and use their packaging to the destination.


Everyone would like to become the owner of a bag of money. To donate the original money, pack the banknotes in a beautiful bag with a cord. There you can pour in coins, exchanging the amount of gift in the store. A heavy bag is sure to please the person you are gifted with. You can also sprinkle a decent amount of small change in a piggy bank, a basket, a jar.


To give money in a bank is no less interesting idea. Packed in her bills, clog the lid with a press, decorate the label with a congratulation and tape.


To make a precious cake you will needToy money, while the amount of the gift is better to exchange. To get a large cake, use extra toy money. Twist fakes with a tube, wrap it with real money, give it a little shave, fix the edges with paper clips. From the part of the resulting tubes make the lower tier of the cake, placing the details with fasteners inward, and tie it with tape. Do the same with the remaining money.


Beautifully you can give money by turning them offFlowers or constructing leaves of trees. Such origami can be made not only volumetric, placing them in a pot or in a vase, but also to make a picture of them or applique.


You can decorate a bouquet or a tree with money butterflies. To do this, cut them out of thick paper, make two transverse notches in the butterfly's body and draw bills in them.


By the way, you can do anything from moneyForm, if you remember how in childhood from paper you made airplanes, ships and frogs. And the thematic application of banknotes and coins, planted on double-sided scotch, will please the birthday person with its value and originality.


You can give money in airBall. To do this, gently push the bills rolled into narrow tubes into the blown ball and then fill it with helium. Decorate the gift, filling the ball with sequins and colored ribbons.


Money can be hidden in a book, because it is sheIs the best gift by a well-known statement. Cut out the groove for money in it yourself, or use the services of stores that have already picked up this idea and get ready packaging there.


You can not only give moneyPacking them somewhere, but also making them packing material. Take a small box, put in it a small surprise, for example, a candy, and gently wrap the bills, fasten the wrapper with a bright ribbon.


Twisted money can be placed in a tube fromLipstick, in a pack of cigarettes, in a pen, a bottle. Initially, you can donate money by investing them instead of photos in an album, rolled it into a tin can, folding it into a suitcase, making a carpet out of them. Such unofficial gifts will certainly amuse the traitor and his guests.

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