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How to congratulate your mother on her birthday jubilee

How to congratulate your mother on her birthday jubilee</a>

Congratulating the dearest to you person with an anniversary, present him with an original and unforgettable gift.

Prepare for the upcoming holiday for your mom in advance.

You will need

  • - paper-
  • - ballpoint pen or pencil-
  • - musical backing-
  • - Guitar-
  • - family photos-
  • - PC with Internet access.
  • - Software for working with graphics.



Write a song for Mom and dedicate it to her. Not possessing the talent of a composer and a songwriter, pick a famous motif and put on it poems written in honor of the hero of the day. When composing the rhymed text, reflect in it the gratitude to the person dear to you.


Bring close relatives or mother's friends to sing by preparing them in advance. Bring a musical gift in the presence of guests at the anniversary celebration, performing it under a guitar or phonogram.


Make a pleasant and touching excursion into the past. Compose photographs of different years, which depict the life stages of the hero: childhood and youth of the mother, your growing up, the birth of grandchildren.


Improvise with pictures by connecting yourCreative imagination. Insert images into colorful frames, hang on the walls in my mother's apartment or make an original video from the photos, smoothly changing to pleasant music.


Give your loved one pleasure,Organizing a visit to the best in your city spa. On the eve of the visit, talk with the staff of the health facility. Specify the age and ailments of your mother, which can cause contraindications for some procedures.


Pay for the services of the salon and personally bring the hero of the day to the institution. Wait for the end and on the way home, treat your mother a cup of coffee or a glass of good wine.


Remember that the original and priceless giftFor the mother will visit a country or place associated with pleasant memories and joyful sensations. Realize her dream by preparing the necessary documents and paying for a ticket at a travel agency.


Note that sending one's mother to a distant country alone is not safe. Give a trip for two parents or organize a vacation with your whole family.

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