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As the original good person to congratulate on his birthday

How original congratulate the good person happy birthday

How to pay their respects to the birthday of a loved one that he will remember this for a long time?

It would be desirable to avoid platitudes, congratulate in a special way.

The task is not easy, but there is a solution.

In the age of new technologies and unconventional thinkingI want to be a good man with congratulations on his birthday to get the original. How can I express my respect for the hero of the occasion so that the holiday was remembered him for a lifetime? It should be resolute in their ideas, but do not cross the lines of recklessness and extravagance.

How original congratulate the birthday person?

Connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages will be happyget "Drunken casino." With growth rates increases the amount of alcohol that you want to use. In the losers increasingly dulled vigilance, the game will bring a lot of fun.
A great solution is to draw. Hero for the day on a holiday should pick up on the street people in police uniform. Ships should be straight to the restaurant, where he will be expected to close and native people.
In the film there is a scene that openssuitcase packed to bundles of banknotes. An impressive sight! The birthday will be glad such a gift. Of course, money can take the sham, the desired effect will still be achieved. Inside each pack is better to put a postcard with nice wishes.
If voice data allows, you can give a serenade. When vocal abilities leave much to be desired, serve as a viable alternative to hiring professional singers.
You can make a great postcard. Its dimensions are limited only by the capabilities and imagination of the donor. Coupled with the original congratulation, such a thing would be a memorable show.
A good option is the organizationgreeting the quest for an apartment or town. Advance should make tips and put them in different places. At the end of the game is to find a present birthday or be at the destination. There he will wait for loud party or romantic dinner.

What should I do if I can not come for my birthday?

Send voice greetings to the cell. The main thing - to write a creative text. And choose the right moment sending a message, such as midnight or time of occurrence birthday born.
A good solution is to create a funvideo. Modern technologies allow to process the appropriate video turning the hero for the day in the main character. If no editing skills, better to turn to the appropriate profile specialists.
A person wants to learn to ride a horse, will be happy greetings in a horse school, accompanied by a subscription for a month of classes.
A worthy goal will be celebratory fireworks in honor of the birthday.

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