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How to order a limousine

Order a limousine can be not only for the wedding.

Walk on the exclusive car will be a great gift to his girlfriend.

In addition, the limousine can organize a party for a small number of guests.



First, determine the purposes for which it is needed. If you want to surprise a loved one and take a ride together, rent a small car. When you plan to party with 5-10 guests have to pay for removal of long, roomy car.


Decide whether the drinks needed in the cabin. Note that the cost may be several times higher than the store bought. But some companies are prohibited to drink their own alcohol. Do not forget to discuss this point with the manager of a car rental.


The color of the limousine. White longer appropriate at a wedding. Black - to meet dear guests. Pink, red, blue cars are ideal for friendly parties.


The lease term. Every company has a restriction on its minimum amount. Most often, it is three hours, plus feeding hour. If you plan to walk on the roads of the city, keep in mind the time spent in traffic jams. All this will have to pay.


When you made clear to all the main points,Select the date and time of the event, start the search firm to deliver a limousine rental. Ask friends and acquaintances. Perhaps someone will advise you not expensive and reliable company.


If you can not find a limo through a friend,Refer to the Internet. Look for the company, which collected a large machine park. Note the appearance of the site. If you put photos and prices, all links are working, there is no gross grammatical errors, it means that the firm values ​​its reputation. And we can hope that it will give you the car that you choose.


To permanently protect themselves,go to the main office of the company. There, at your request, will make a contract for services, which will register all the terms of the transaction. This will, in the case of the event of failure the fault of the company, to make a complaint, supported by documentary evidence.

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