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How clouds form


How clouds form</a>

The cloud is the mass of condensation products of water vapor suspended in the air.

The composition of the cloud can include drops of water and pieces of ice simultaneously or separately.

Clouds are an important part of the world water cycle.



Water, which is on the ground in reservoirs and soil,When heated by solar rays evaporates and passes into the air. Thus, a large mass of air saturated with water vapor rises, while the rate of ascent is so high, and the air volume is so large that it does not exchange heat with the environment, that is, the process can be considered adiabatic.


The rising air expands, and the adiabaticExpansion leads to its cooling. Thus, at a certain height, the air becomes so cold that condensation of water vapor can begin. Condensation can begin at different temperatures, it all depends on the number of condensation centers. Therefore, clouds can appear at low altitudes, and at high altitudes.


While air rises above the boundary of condensation,The cloud continues to grow and ceases its growth only at a time when the new moist air stops coming from below. As a result, there are two boundaries of the cloud - the lower one, on which condensation begins, and the upper, maximum height to which the humid air has risen.


So, the cause of the clouds is the rise of large masses of moist air. Lifting can occur for several reasons:

Because of convection, which arises from the fact that,That the lower layers of air receive a large amount of heat from the heated surface on hot days, warm air is lighter than cold, so it rises.

As a result of the collision of winds with natural heights, he pushes out the air that has accumulated in front of the hill upward. Most rain clouds are formed in this way.

Air can rise at the point of collision of cold and hot fronts.


Depending on how fastAir rises, clouds of different types are formed. Thus, rapidly rising air forms cumulus clouds, and layered clouds arise under the influence of very slow vertical currents.

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