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As the fate of the Maya Abrikosov after leaving the House 2

As fate Maya Abrikosov after leaving the House 2

All fans of the mega TV show "Dom-2" with enjoyment watching life on the project romantic and eccentric May Abrikosov.

This cute tall boy captured the hearts of many spectators with his big eyes and a beautiful smile, but after his departure from the "House-2" May suddenly disappeared from television screens.

How his fate after the project?

History May

The first resident of Voronezh Roman Tertishny orMay Abrikosov, came to the "Dom-2" in 2004. In the casting, which recruited young and interesting people for a new controversial project, the young man glanced casually with friends. Fill the form for fun, Roman signed the name "May Abrikosov" and happily forgot about it immediately after the exit from the premises, where the casting was held. However, an unusual young man remembered and invited to participate in the project. May Abrikosov childhood was known as a talented and artistic boy who grew up and became a very ambitious teenager.
His first love in the "House-2" in May began to buildthe Sun - a serious and unsmiling girl who loves to play guitar. However, their relationship did not last long, after which Abrikosov twisted romance with a very flamboyant Alena farmacia, which is less suited to the role of women creative and inspiring guy. As it turned out, they are united by a desire to find true love, and what May and Allen saw his parents. However, their own feelings, originated from the friendship ended rather quickly, and in May left the project because of disagreements with the leading "House-2".

Life after the show

Feeling the taste of popularity, not May Abrikosovreturned to Voronezh, he decided to conquer Moscow. One time a guy drove channel TV3 program called "Secrets", but the channel's management decided to replace the melancholic May more charismatic and temperamental Alexey Chumakov.
Abrikosov did not give up and continued attemptsreturn to television, but life in Moscow demanded the considerable finance, resulting in the guy had to go back to his native village Korotyak. The arrival of the "Dom-2" prevented Mayu finish Voronezh Academy of Arts, where he could get a decent profession and a diploma.
After his return from Moscow in a short Abrikosovtime lost his father and grandmother, which greatly affected the sensitive nature of Man. Neighbors told May that he was in recent years has become very religious, because their failures blamed Abrikosov ... witchcraft. The boy hung his home icons and crosses scribbled a fence to protect against the negative impact of detractors.
Who May occasionally writes articles for the magazine"Dom-2", but the money at the guy special is not found, so the former star of the channel TNT is a modest way of life, earning a seasonal collection of vegetables and breeding hens.

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