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How to enter a new home


How to enter a new home</a>

Even in ancient times before moving to a newDwelling conducted special rituals that help to invoke good forces, cleanse the energy of the house and protect it from the negative, to make the atmosphere in the apartment favorable and warm.

It's time to get acquainted with the rites that should be performed during the move.

You will need

  • - cat or dog-
  • - a broom-
  • - milk and chocolate sweets-
  • - a church candle or a branch of dried St. John's wort-
  • - loaf.



Surely you have already heard that first thingYou need to run a cat or dog into a new house, since these pets are very sensitive to negative and positive energy. If the first settler becomes a cat, then she can find a place with the most negative energy and take it. The dog, on the contrary, will show the most favorable place in the new dwelling, there it is recommended to equip the sleeping area.


Remember that animals are not the only onesBeings who must live in your home. Any dwelling should have its patron, that is, a housekeeper. If in the past a residential place such was observed, then before moving it must be taken with them to a new location. Address the owner of the house with a kind speech, tell me how you like him, and suggest moving with you. The most important thing in a house for a brownie is a broom. Do not throw away the old broom, because if you decide to move, then grabbing for his pen. If you do not have a relationship with the old owner of the house, no one interferes with making friends with the new one: leave a saucer with milk and chocolate sweets (without a wrapper) on the table.


Clean the new house of negative energy. To do this, you will need a candle from the church, a branch of dried St. John's wort or fragrance with the scent of lavender. Starting from the door, make the first circle (counter-clockwise), the goal is to burn the accumulated negative. Then walk clockwise and imagine how good it will be for you to live in a new dwelling. Stand up in front of the front door and stretch your arms forward with your palms up, imagine that you put a protective shield. What color it will be - it's up to you. Purple, golden and purple will bring wealth to the house. Scarlet and pink color promise a tender relationship and love in the family. Gray and blue will ensure success in work and business. Orange, yellow and green are health.


On the first day of housing purchase, arrange a feastTo the whole world. Gather all the relatives and friends, cook a delicious treat. On the table must necessarily be a new loaf, which is considered a symbol of prosperity and well-being in the house. And remember that a brownie does not like slowness, so do not delay repairs, start to equip your new home.

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