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How to enter into a new home

Even in ancient times before moving to a newResidence performed special rituals that help to call good power, clean energy at home and protect it from the negative, to make the atmosphere in the flat warm and friendly.

It's time to get acquainted with the rites that should make while on the move.

You will need

  • - A cat or a dog-
  • - venik-
  • - Milk and chocolate konfety-
  • - Church candle, or a branch of dried zveroboya-
  • - Loaf.



Surely you have heard that the first thingyou need to run a new house cat or dog, as these pets are very sensitive to the negative and positive energy. If the settlers would be a cat, then she will be able to find a place with the negative energy and will take her. The dog, on the contrary, show the most favorable place in the new home, it is recommended to equip the sleeping area.


Remember that animals - is not the onlybeings who have to live in your home. Every home should have its own patron saint, that is, brownie. Whereas in the past there was a residential place itself, then before moving it must take with him to a new place. Refer to the owner of the house with a good speech, tell us how you like it, and offer to move along with you. The most important thing in the house for a brownie - a broom. In no case do not throw the old broom, as the house if they decide to move, then grasped his hand. If you have not developed relationships with the old master of the house, no one bothers to make friends with a new one: leave on the table a plate of milk and chocolate candy (no wrappers).


Clean new home from negative energy. To do this you will need a candle from the church, a branch of dried St. John's wort or incense with the aroma of lavender. Starting from the door, take the first round (counter clockwise), the goal - to burn the accumulated negative. Then walk clockwise and imagine how you will be lived well in a new home. Stand in front of the front door and pull the arms forward, palms up, imagine that you put a protective shield. What it will be the color - it's up to you. Purple, gold and purple will bring to the house of wealth. The scarlet and pink promise affectionate relationship and love in the family. Grey and blue ensure success in work and business. Orange, yellow and green - health.


On the first day of the acquisition of property arrange a feastfor the whole world. Collect all the relatives and friends, cook a tasty meal. On the table must be novoselny loaf, which is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity in the house. And remember that the house does not like slow, so do not delay with the repair, start to equip their new home.

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