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HOW choice babysitting affect the child's future

As an option the nurse affect the child's future

Parents are important to treat the selection of babysitting for the child - this person will have an impact on the formation of the individual child.

Deciding to have a baby, not all youngparents understand the responsibility of this step. The impression is that the child does not see the toy that has already appeared in all buddies and "I want the same," not at all give birth only because it is necessary. Not all at once have a concept of how difficult and responsible work - to raise a child, and yet it is required not only to perform, but also try not to make mistakes.

All the child's future depends precisely on whateducation of parents give him. And at the age of three is just going formation of the person and a responsible attitude towards the education of the child, may help you to do without unnecessary problems in the future.

If a family financial capabilities allowthe young mother did not work, she often prefer to deal with a child herself, to give him education in accordance with their own concepts. Another option - when the woman decided that to make money, it will be able to do more good for the child. If you can not leave the baby with close relatives, the parents are trying to find a babysitter, which could be carried out with the child while the parents work.

Despite the fact that this service offersset to find a good responsible person is not so easy. Even when the quality of the mark, parents should think about the fact that early age is important for the formation of the baby personality and influence it will be a stranger in general people. In working parents will be much less time to fully participate in the development of the character of the child. With whatever diligence was not performed selection of domestic staff should be largely based on the needs and interests of the child.

Ask yourself, what qualities would youI wanted to develop a child? Active and restless child will approach the person who will be able to develop in him a sense of purpose and perseverance. Too strict nanny will keep the child in the same place where he wants to play, and it's not good for his psyche. To the child does not become withdrawn, uncommunicative and did not occur in the behavior of aggression, the nurse must choose to understand and care. On the contrary, quiet baby is more appropriate strict nurse who will teach him to be more demanding of myself.

If the kindergarten teacher and pupil coincidetemperaments and biorhythms, it will be great. In this embodiment, the talent of the child and its ability to be directed in the right direction, and with the proper upbringing of the baby grows serious, intelligent, responsible person.

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