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How the air affects our life


How the air affects our life</a>

Oxygen is one of the essential elements of human life. That is why the duration of our life depends on the quality of air.

Without oxygen, a person would not receive much needed micronutrients, heat and energy, which are required for optimal operation of all body systems.



Since ancient times people have been paying attention toFavorable impact of forest, mountain and sea air. This can be explained by the fact that in these areas the oxygen particles are ionized negatively, which benefits the body. That is why with frequent headaches, discomforts, experts recommend walking in the fresh air. In the forest district, oxygen is not as polluted as in an urban environment. Enough 20-30 minutes a day of useful walks, and you can forget about the bad state of health.


At the present time there is a rapidenvironmental pollution. Many factors influence this. Harmful chemicals that enter the atmosphere shorten the life of a person. The intensity of air pollution depends on the proximity to the road network, to various industrial enterprises. This situation provoked the introduction of oxygen therapy. Many cities open special bars where you can breathe fresh air and drink an oxygen cocktail. But none of the therapies will replace living next to the mountains, forests or the sea. Where the air is really clean.


Speaking of bad ecology, few people think aboutPurity of air in your own home. After all, in an apartment a person spends most of his life. Air in the room can become a source of many diseases: poor health, insomnia, etc. Runny nose, eye diseases, allergies, headaches are far from a complete list of troubles that can lie in your own home. To avoid such problems, experts recommend that you regularly ventilate the room, conduct wet cleaning. Do not forget to wipe the furniture with a damp cloth. Systematically, you should clean mattresses, blankets and pillows. Only man himself can take care of himself and his loved ones.

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