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As the air affects our lives

As the air affects our lives

Oxygen is an essential element of human life. It therefore depends on the air quality of life expectancy.

Without oxygen, a person would not have received much-needed construction minerals, heat and energy that is required for optimum operation of all systems of the body.



Since ancient times, people paid attention tofavorable impact of forest, mountain and sea air. This can be explained by the fact that in these areas the oxygen negatively ionized particles, which brings benefits to the body. That is why the frequent headaches, malaise, experts recommend walking outdoors. not as polluted as in the urban environment in the Forest District of oxygen. Suffice it to 20-30 minutes a day beneficial walks, and you can forget about the bad state of health.


Currently, there is a rapidenvironmental pollution. On it is influenced by many factors. Into the atmosphere harmful chemicals shorten a person's life. The intensity of air pollution depends on the proximity to the road network, various industrial enterprises. This situation provoked the introduction of oxygen therapy. In many cities opening special bars, where you can breathe fresh air and drink oxygen cocktail. But no one therapy is no substitute for living close to mountains, forests and sea. There, where the air is really clean.


Speaking of bad environment, few people think aboutclean air in your own home. After all, in the apartment of a person spends most of his life. Indoor air can be the source of many diseases: poor health, insomnia, etc. Runny nose, eye disease, allergies, headaches - not a complete list of troubles that might lie in wait in their own home. To avoid such problems, experts recommend regularly ventilate the room, wet cleaning. At the same time do not forget to wipe the furniture with a damp cloth. Regularly Clean mattresses, blankets and pillows. Only the people can take care of themselves and their loved ones.

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