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How to create Lada Priora in a frost

How to start a Lada Priora in a frost

The street is getting colder, the more difficult to start the vehicle. Many motorists have had problems starting the machine in frost.

Lada Priora, as well as some other cars, it is difficult to start in cold weather.



Since start the car, do not twist the starter more than 20 seconds. It is useless, and you just plant the battery quickly. Between attempts to start the engine make the interval of 20 - 30 seconds.


Turn dipped for 1-2 minutes. This will help a little bit to warm up the engine. The main thing is not to overdo it, and then we can put the battery completely.


Lada Priora - the car with fuel-injected engine,therefore do not press the accelerator pedal when starting. And as the gearbox has a manual before you start you need to depress the clutch pedal. Do not attempt to start the vehicle "with pusher" - it just hurt your car.


If the car will not start, open the hood and see if firmly attached wires to the battery. Check the condition of the spark. If necessary, they must be replaced or cleaned.


If the battery is mounted, there is a way to start the car, "lit" on the other battery. Use the special wire. Connect the battery two of them and try to start your car.


Extreme way to start the engine - this is the use of essential compounds. It is injected into the intake manifold. Buy a special tool can be in any auto shop.

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