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AS stands of Enterprise, BIN, PPC, OKATO

How stands of Enterprise, BIN, PPC, OKATO

When completing the financial and accountingReporting has to indicate in the columns of unified forms of not only the company name, purpose of payment, etc., but also to enter numeric codes in the field with obscure acronyms.

Some of them are designed to facilitate the tax account, and some - random.

Tax reporting codes

Affixed in certain fields codesStatements are intended to uniquely identify the taxpayer and to facilitate the automated account. So BIN stands for the main state registration number. This is a unique number assigned to a legal entity in making primary data on it in the Unified State Register - USRLE. BIN number consists of 13 digits. The first digit - 1 - if the information is made vpervye- and 2 - if they make changes. The next two digits - the year when the entry was made, and then - in the region number of the 2-digit and two-digit code of the registering authority - the tax inspectorate, which issued BIN. The figures given to the 8 th to 12 th position - serial number of the record of the enterprise in the register, the 13th figure - control.
For tax reporting, and used PPC - codereason for registration. It consists of 9 digits: the first two - the region code, the next two - the code of the tax inspectorate, and then the two-digit code of the reason, and the last three digits - serial number. Reason code 01 means that it is a Russian company, registered at the place of its location. Code: 02-05, 31 and 32 - Check the location of the subsidiary, 06-08 - at the place of immovable property belonging to the enterprise, 10-29 - Check the location of the vehicle. Code 30 means that the company - tax agent that is not registered as a taxpayer. For foreign companies are allocated codes 51-99.
Another tax code - OKATO, abbreviation,indicating the National Classification of objects of administrative-territorial division. It allows the company to identify the place of its location. This code must necessarily be indicated on all financial and payment documents on the transfer of taxes and other payments to the budget. If you enter the wrong code OKATO, payment can be sent to the wrong place, which threatens the company default interest and penalties for failure to comply with terms of payment.

Codes of statistical accounting

Codes of statistical reports alsodesigned to facilitate automated processing of data registered in the territory of the Russian Federation enterprises. OKPO stands for National Classification of enterprises and organizations. It consists of 8 or 10 digits. Assign the same number in the registration process of the enterprise after setting it on account of Rosstat. The figures making up the code indicate the main activity, which is planning to engage in business. In the case where this type of activity will change, the company gets a new code of Enterprise.

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