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HOW TO make spring Topiary cozy nest with their hands

How to make spring Topiary cozy nest

Topiary, the European tree of happiness can be any decor. From what did not "grow" their skillful masters.

Grains of coffee, sisal, beads, lace and ribbons, flowers, dried flowers, and even currency notes adorn the crown of the trees.

Make a tree with his own hands is not difficult.

You will need

  • - twine
  • - PVA glue
  • - balloon
  • - sisal
  • - satin ribbons
  • - Wooden skewers
  • - Plastic cup (for example, from ice cream Baskin Robbins)
  • - Plaster (stucco)
  • - Decorative birds, ladybugs
  • - A sprig of a tree with a diameter of 1-2 cm
  • - The self-hardening mass for modeling
  • - Acrylic paint the desired shade
  • - Hot-melt gun



Inflate the balloon to the size you want. Wrap it with string, like a ball of unwound. Carefully promazhte resulting tangle of PVA glue, diluted with water 1: 1, and send it out to dry.


While the balloon dries, go potty. To this end, a plastic cup, a suitable size for the crown of trees, wrap twine, carefully promazyvaya each turn of the familiar mixture of white glue and water (1: 1).


Once completely dry ball,pierce a balloon with a needle and gently pull it out of the coil. The resulting ball cut round window. Attach the crown of trees on a wooden twig using hotmelt gun.


Prepare plaster, pour it into the preparedpot and plant a tree. Wait until the plaster hardens. Frozen white plaster and dry not touch. Blindly from the masses for modeling a few eggs, allow to dry and harden, paint in the desired color.


Sveyte nest sisal, put it in Twinebead, fasten. Place the eggs in a nest, attach the birds, ladybirds using hotmelt gun. Decorate the trunk Topiary bow of satin ribbon. Optionally, you can decorate Topiary ladder of wooden skewers, tied with twine. Spring tree is ready! Treat friends a nice gift! Their delight and surprise are guaranteed.

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