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HOW just make a rose out of plasticine

How to make a rose out of a clay

Molding of the clay takes the child, help him develop his imagination and show imagination.

You can, for example, is easy to blind the rose, this beautiful flower molded from clay just a few steps, to which a child will cope even without the help of an adult.

You will need

  • - Red and green plastilin-
  • - zubochistka-
  • - Board modeling.



Of red clay sculpt a long sausage, which roll out on a board to a thickness of 2 mm. The resulting layer is rolled into "roll".


From green clay makes a long and thin sausage, which is placed inside a toothpick to the stem is not bent.


Fix the bud on the stem. For the stability of the stem can be attached to a piece of green plasticine, simulating a clearing or a bed with flowers.

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