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As simple to lose weight quickly for a short time

How easy to lose weight quickly for a short time

There are only a few days to a corporate party or other celebration where we would like to show off to his suddenly has become tight dress?

No problem!

There are a couple of ways to lose weight quickly for a short period of time.

Just to show itself in all its glory and come off at full blast.

You will need

  • - The rejection of salt and salt-containing products
  • - The refusal of sugar and sugar-containing products
  • - Slightly more physical activity than normal



If the festival the next day, and on the body up to 3 kg extra, you can help to dry fasting.
From dawn to dawn. Never eat, drink or take a bath. In general, contact with water to minimize to the utmost.
It is advisable to spend the day in active motion. The greater the weight, the more water will leave the body and, therefore, greater slimmer shape.


When the parties to have a few days and do not want to starve to lose weight quickly you will allow the rejection of salt and sugar and products containing them.
1.; Salt retained in the body and allows cells to accumulate water in a larger amount than it is required. If we abandon the salt for some time, the extra weight of the water leaves the body quickly. But the weight just as quickly return, as soon as you start eating salt again.
2.; Sugar blocks the body's purification. And if you want to lose weight quickly, from it you also have to give up for a while.
3, Physical activity, of course, has not been canceled, but it is not necessary to exhaust yourself.
Such actions can afford to lose weight up to 8 kg per week.
Then what is?
Raw, boiled, baked vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds and herbs.
When and how best to eat?
- Fresh fruit at breakfast-
- Cooked fruit / vegetables + herbs / nuts or seeds in the lunch-
- Fresh vegetables + herbs / nuts or seeds for dinner.

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