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Seller and buyer

It's hard to find a man who never would have complained about the insult of the seller.

But in no way is less common and the opposite situation, when the sellers suffer from the misconduct of buyers.

The classification of occupations work SellerIt refers to a type of "Man-Man". The main difficulty of such operations is the unpredictability of human behavior. For sellers it refers first of all, because if the teacher even knows what to expect from a particular student, the seller is constantly communicating with strangers. And if a buyer can find a justice on the ill-mannered seller, the seller in a collision with a customer-cad virtually powerless. He was bound hand and foot rule "customer is always right" and the risk of losing their jobs.

Random rudeness

Not all buyers, sellers insulting,this behavior is habitual. This may be accidental disruption caused by poor health, nervous disorder (such as neurasthenia or depression). The reason may be tired, especially when the man came into the store after work and even stood in the queue.
The most correct tactic in this case -respond politely to rudeness. Accidentally disrupt a person will immediately become ashamed of their behavior. Perhaps he even apologized to the seller, and if it does not apologize, at least, the conflict will be settled.

Habitual rudeness

If the tactics described above, it does not bear fruit,It means the seller is faced with a "professional" brawler. In people, these people are called "energy" or "psychological vampire", they raise their self-esteem, humiliating others. Especially often guilty of these pensioners, occupying once management positions.
The main objective of this cad - expose themselvesvictim, achieving reciprocal rudeness. Succumb to such provocation is impossible. It will be more difficult than in the first case. The best thing that can make the seller, it is silently listen to such a man, occasionally inserting a meaningless phrase: "You are quite right," "Completely agree".
If others are present during the conversationbuyers may be recalled brawler that these people waiting for their turn. This manifestation will attract the attention of witnesses to the side of the victims, some people may even stand up for the Seller in such a situation.
If the "accusatory speech" buyer delayed,You can offer him a civilized resolution of the conflict, for example, to call the manager. It is better to call it, and not to go to his office - let the conversation with the head held in front of witnesses. Be sure to find someone who will say: "This citizen she started a scandal."

The apparent rudeness

Any seller from time to time meets withrude customers. But if he is sure that he is absolutely rude to all customers, it is possible, it's not in the clients and in perception. It so happens that even a polite expression of discontent on the part of the client is perceived as an insult to the seller.
If such a negative attitude with regard tobuyers accompanied by headaches, sleep disorders, constant feeling of fatigue, there is reason to suspect a syndrome of emotional burnout. With this disorder often faced by those who work with people. In this case, it is advisable to turn to a psychologist or psychotherapist.

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