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As schools receive accreditation

The quality of educational services must meet the standards

According to Russian legislation, every educational institution, whether it is school, college, house of children's creativity and kindergarten must periodically certify the quality of their educational services.

These services must meet certain standards.

Confirmation of this correspondence is called accreditation.

Why is accreditation?

Accreditation of each school is held every five years. If the school wants to change the status, that is, to turn from comprehensive school to high school or high school, will require additional treatment. Accreditation is necessary first of all to ensure that the school had the right to issue certificates of the state sample.
Sometimes such situations arise when, for whateverreasons, the document of accreditation the school does not receive. Then the graduates the knowledge, which students do not pass the unified state exam, the commission checks from an educational institution having the required documents. The certificate will include the name not of the school that the child attended, and the one that issued the document. The second important point - for funding from the budget. The state is the guarantor of the quality of educational services, and accordingly, provides financial assistance only to those schools that have a document confirming the quality.


As a rule, the committee has a plan of education,when a school must pass certification, accreditation or licensing. This is a public document, available to all heads of educational institutions. Director remains only to prepare the package of documents according to the list and write a statement. After 105 days of Accreditation Commission shall notify the Director of the decision to hold or deny accreditation.
The application must be attached the full packagedocuments. Once the application is filed and registered, Accreditation Commission considers the submitted data, and on this basis makes a decision. The list can be found on the official website Rosobrnadzor. Particular attention should be paid to the correct registration. Invalid decorated document may be grounds for denial of accreditation. If all the papers comply with the requirements, the authority carrying out the accreditation, decides to address the issue on the merits. Notice of this is given to the applicant or his authorized person within a week of the registration statement. The accreditation body may allow the school to renew some of the documents or to collect the missing. This usually given to two weeks.

What is accreditation

Accreditation - expert evaluation of the quality of knowledgestudents, teachers' qualifications, the conditions in which children learn, etc. Therefore, mandatory to the Commission on Accreditation of data provided the final state certification, as well as results of monitoring the quality of education in different parallels. If necessary, Accreditation Commission may conduct additional monitoring. It may be initiated by the frontal test and evaluation of the quality of knowledge in certain areas. The package of documents should also be evidence of qualification categories of teachers, assessment results of the teaching staff, etc.

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