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How to live Gypsy Baron

According to some researchers, it is now only 5% of the Roma people live in luxury - the remaining 95% live in conditions that can be called squalid.



Barons called Heads or Roma leaderscommunities, but among the Roma themselves is a word rarely used. Barons, communicating with non-Roma, as they are called, not only the head, but also elected representatives or elders. The fact that the word "baron" in tune with the fairly common among Roma expression "rom baro", which means an important Roma. Barons in the true meaning of this title does not exist in Romani language nor culture, as the representatives of the people there is no hereditary aristocracy.


Modern Gypsies can be divided into two maingroup - those who have already many years is sedentary and nomadic. Hierarchy, household organization and cultural characteristics depend on which group owned by Gypsies. They depend on it, and especially the life of Gypsy barons among the Roma community.


Revenues barons may consist of offeringsordinary Roma and reach hundreds of millions of euros per year. Simple camp representatives are paid a certain percentage of all its revenues, including the criminal and semi-criminal activities. Sometimes gypsy barons tend to surround themselves with luxury, demonstrating wealth. For example, in order to complete the interior decoration of the mansion Florian Choaba masters took more than 50 kg of gold.


Modern barons can be endowed with a widerange of powers - and they are the official representatives of the clan, and for his fellow judges, and defenders of their interests. It is known that various types of conflicts arising among the Roma, often addressed without recourse to the relevant official bodies. When the Roma want to allow any difficult situation, they go to the baron - he judge, help advice, and sometimes will have a financial aid. Also, there are cases where it is applied to the barons of the official representatives of the local authorities initiated the establishment of schools for Roma children.


In Europe, steadily growing in recent years, the number ofcrimes committed by Roma (both local and visiting), and the perpetrators almost half of them are minors. The self-proclaimed "King of the Gypsies" Romanian Gypsies Florin Choaba, unlike many other barons, acknowledged the need for school education for Roma children. He has repeatedly appealed to his compatriots urging ensure that their children have left school. Thus, the "King of the Gypsies" was trying to help his people cope with poverty, are not doing crime.


At the same time, some modern barons notjust try to take into account public opinion, but also willing to change some Roma traditions that evolved over the centuries. For example, Choaba admitted that he was wrong when he tried to marry off his daughter, a twelve year old. The news of the impending marriage caused a public outcry as a result of the father has said publicly that the future is going to deal with this tradition among the Roma population.

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